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This is a thread for posting images of weird and wacky "tiki" stuff produced for commercial sale. This thread is not intended for one-off items, or craft projects per-se, but instead for stuff available for purchase by consumers at large.

If it makes you grin and wonder, or makes you stand there scratching your head wondering "What the hell," or makes you laugh because it's weird, wacky, wild, or insanely stoopid, then it's probably what we're looking for in this thread. (We could accept photos of someone doing something stoopid with a tiki, or to a tiki, since humor is kinda what I envision for this thread.)

I'll begin with this photo of a "tiki bubble machine" currently available from our friends at Target.

You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. --Dean Martin

If only they would have paid to license "Tiny Bubbles".


I actually have one of those tiki bubble machines that I bought for my balcony at Tiki Oasis several years ago. Fortunately, the coloring was much more subtle than it looks in the pictures. Unfortunately, the bottom lip of the tiki messes with the flow of the bubbles. I ended up tossing the tiki head and just keeping the bubble machine. The tiki head just sits over the actual bubble mechanism, so I didn't have to detach anything.


how bout a tiki boogie board, does that count?

I've been waiting for a thread like this for a while. Here's some strange commercial tiki stuff:

Tiki video game and lunchbox

Tiki coconut water

Tiki pens

My favorite weird tiki - my tiki socks

Tiki car stickers, some are cool, some are weird - yes my beach car

Lastly Tiki mini golf logo and Styrofoam mascot, maybe there is a better "ugly" tiki tread for these images which are probably one-offs and against the rules here but I'm offended by this one and the lunch pale. Tiki is not comical. My socks are cool and fun not funny. The line can be blurred, wide and colored gray.

Sorry for the little rant and there are a million opinions on this. I don't mean to start a debate but it was good to get it off my chest though. Back to the spirit of this thread; weird, mass produced, tiki for sale. It is reality - the devolution of tiki. This thread is good, it can bare witness to it. I'll certainly keep my eye out for more and post it here. That bubble tiki and boogie boards are great examples, keep them coming!

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Aloha PelePaul and CreativeNative - great pics! I love the pics! And Jen, your bubble machine story is classic where the device turned out to be "more show than go."

I'm sure there will be some more good pics coming in the future. There's no debate - once again we see that tiki has made an impression in today's world and that's a good thing. People quickly can see the difference between cheesy tiki and the really good stuff that we see from our carvers and in our favorite tiki bars. I think there is a very real possibility that the "pendulum of new tiki" will swing more the other way back to the better stuff and we'll see more of it.

Here are some Tiki merchandise items have have seen over the years.

Le Tiki Bra.

A Tiki Razor

Tiki Lemonade

Tiki Candy.

Tiki Beer.

Viva la Tiki!



Floating beer pong is big with followers of Ku

and one NSFW

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I would wear the hell out of those socks. :lol:


jake and the neverland pirates, had to buy this for my nephew......


oh and I forgot these too, this is awesome stuff by the way!!



My cat eats Tiki Cat. Not because I'm that devoted to tiki, it's just his favorite.

"You can't eat real Polynesian food. It's the most horrible junk I've ever tasted." —Trader Vic Bergeron

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Couple more tiki items from my local grocery stories.

The rival to Hawaiian Punch, Shasta's Tiki Punch

Close on its weird tiki character

Also a rare 808 Vodka with its tiki logo, on left is the pineapple flavor

Closer on tiki logo

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I’d posted Squidward’s hut (SpongeBob’s Buddy) some time ago under tiki find’s. I thought it was strange then and I still do but I bought it anyway.


they have the whole crew of Sponge Bob characters!!!

My young son likes Sponge Bob and I find that cartoon very disturbing.
The only redeeming quality is the Hawaiiana and Tiki influence.

Tiki paratroopers availabe from Oriental Trading Company. $6 per dozen.



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That's amazing. I gotta get me some of those! Cocktail party at my house, then we all stand on the roof with our tiki paratroopers, and OOPS - someone slips and lands in the pool. Or garbage dumpster. Whatever will look funniest on YouTube! ha...


Tiki Paratroopers!??? OMG That's so awesome!!! death from Above!!!!!


On 2014-07-07 10:19, tikilongbeach wrote:
Tiki paratroopers availabe from Oriental Trading Company. $6 per dozen.



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Nice!!!! Purchase complete. Keep your eyes open for these at an event near you. You just might get invaded.


On 2014-07-07 10:19, tikilongbeach wrote:
Tiki paratroopers availabe from Oriental Trading Company. $6 per dozen.



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Man o man, those are tackilicious! I might need to order some, too.


I can totally see those tiki paratroopers flying off balconies at Tiki Oasis! Awesome!



I have a set of those Easter Island heads on the top of my cubicle wall at work. People seem to really dig them.


as an artist I find this to be an intriguing subject... I always tell people that "art made for the purpose of PROFIT by NORMAL, WELL ADJUSTED PEOPLE usually sucks"...

when I see this stuff, it all looks like crap to me, but my view on this subject is somewhat skewed.... lol...

I don't think it's art made by "normal well-adjusted people" that's so much the issue. It's "art" made by people into it for the profit and/or for the mass appeal, or many other crazy reasons.

I took pictures at a retirement party last week of cheesy "tiki" and "luau" decorations from a local party store. It left me shaking my head, and that's why I took a couple photos. I'll post here later.

I think I would love to have some Moai on my cubicle wall at work. If you're near a "Furniture Row" store, they have been selling some very nice Moai figures in their sofa store for years. Somewhere I have pictures taken in my local Daytona Beach store. They're actually very respectable looking, but not super cheap, I think the small ones were $20 and the larger ones (10" or 11") were $30. I think. I'll have to look at the photos. But they would make any cubicle look pretty damn good!

I have a new Vincent Price in the Tiki Caves print in my ETSY Store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/195755868/vincent-in-the-tiki-caves-fine-art-print
Officially licensed Vincent Price fine art giclee print by Devon Devereaux. Everyone has fond memories of Vincent Price terrorizing America's favorite family on their Hawaii adventure. Order your 13" x 19" limited edition Vincent in the Tiki Caves print

Devon Devereaux

devondevereaux, I dig your Vincent Price print
but sales posts belong in the Marketplace thread here:


Someone at my work retired today, and the theme was vacation/Hawaii/Luau. Of course that meant a trip to Party City or Dollar Tree to get decorations. See the photo below. It's sad that many folks are exposed to tiki with a crap-fest like the stuff below.


On 2014-08-01 17:45, JenTiki wrote:

"This Tiki bar has great decor, but I wouldn't order the pu pu platter."

Costco FTW!

On 2014-08-02 10:39, Loki-Tiki wrote:
Costco FTW!


If a Nutmeg seed fits that would be pretty cool on my bar.

I think that would be a different kind of grinder (even if it did fit) since you grate nutmeg and peppermills crack/crush the peppercorns.


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On 2014-08-02 13:40, wizzard419 wrote:
I think that would be a different kind of grinder (even if it did fit) since you grate nutmeg and peppermills crack/crush the peppercorns.

Mahalo Wiz!

Recently found "in the wild" - tiki chimineas for $59.99.


Where did you see the tiki Chiminea's?

Bless my friend Ruth for giving me the pepper grinder. I like that nutmeg idea.


Oh, my gosh! The Walmart here carries Wai Koko! I can't bring myself to try it. I know it's just coconut water, but "wai koko" literaly means "blood water" = plasma. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

On 2015-06-26 19:33, Nautiki wrote:
Where did you see the tiki Chiminea's?

The Garden Ridge chain opened a "At Home" store in Orange Park, Florida. It's off the southernmost portion of the Jacksonville beltway, the former Target store on Wells Road. Their web site currently isn't pulling up anything when I search for "tiki" or "chiminea," so a store visit may be required.

Their web site is http://www.athome.com. Good luck!

Found at my local Wal-Mart. Reasonably priced, and actually a pretty good idea -- insulated, and you can be "tiki" around the pool without worrying about breaking your favorite mugs.

Tiki Crinkle Paper for your baby to play with. I think cats would enjoy it too.
"Babies and toddlers love the sound of crinkly things like plastic bags of all kinds! This single crinkle paper is super crinkly high quality CPSIA and EN71 compliant crinkle material sandwiched between 2 layers flannel.
Such a simple toy for hours of entertainment!"


Good stuff, Lori! Now that you can buy crinkle paper for a baby, the next step must be bubble-wrap for babies?

Here's something else -- this stuff never ceases to amaze me. We generically call it "party city crap," and it shows up everywhere. The only thing is that if you buy it at Party City, you're grossly overpaying. Pretty much any dollar store has a lot of this stuff at significantly lower prices.

It's obvious from the photo that bright-happy-fun colors are much better than any authenticity. And now, in all its "WTF" glory, my photo from a recent co-worker's retirement party:

And, once again demonstrating that "tiki" definitely has a spot in today's culture, I found these large and heavy tiki planters/pots "in the wild" at a Ace Hardware store in St. Augustine, Florida:

These would be perfect for containing some nice tall clumping-type bamboo if you don't mind the style of the tiki. I was impressed with their size and weight, although unfortunately I can't recall the price...

I didn't find the above pots/planters online at Ace, but I did find this 23" high painted tiki (with ears!) figure for $41.99 with free shipping to your local Ace Hardware store:

I find it interesting that the artist decided to put ears on him. Is this "crap" or "best thing ever?" You decide.

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