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Golden Tiki, Las Vegas, NV (bar)

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This is great news! The spread of tiki (and hopefully accompanied by good cocktails) is reason to celebrate!

I can see doing a 3-day weekend in Vegas after this place opens.

Saw this on their Facebook page. Seems promising from purely an aesthetic perspective (I like the Enchanted Tiki Room-inspired style tikis with drums above the center), but still kind of skeptical what the whole concept will be like once it's live.

I'm a little skeptical of the fact that they straight lifted their header photo from The Foundation in Milwaukee's website...
you can see that's their Mai Tai glass in the front of the photo (it has been cropped out on Golden Tiki's FB header...) and
that photo is taken right on the bar at Milwaukee's Finest...

That image used to be the primary one on the Foundation's web page (before they updated their site a little while back),
and is on their FB page as well...

If this place is even half of what their promising, however, it ought to be quite a spectacle... though when I read
they'll be playing some "trip-hop and acid jazz, tropical house music and chill and ambient" I may or may not have
retched a little bit.



Supposed to open July 17.


Yeah, I saw that too, Pete. Kinda wondered about it but "assumed" maybe someone had a soft spot for Foundation as part of the inspiration? But, you should do that kind of thing with at least a shout out to them.

I dunno, it's Vegas, so I don't expect much. Even with all that "show" and décor, locals and tiki enthusiasts will still pick Frankie's 10 times out of 10 over what this place may end up being. Flashiness not > quality drinks in a small vintage joint.

The Headhunter's Village - complete with 20 foot magical waterfall - Seamen Falls

Heh, heh, Seamen Falls. :roll:


I've got fingers crossed that this July opening actually happens. Anyone in Vegas care to do a drive-by and get an inside scoop on the opening?


It should be open on or close to the scheduled date. I'm carving a tiki that will go on the waterfall, and they are expecting to have it the first week of July.


Tiki Diablo is doing the build-out !!

It sure does look promising. 2 Tiki bars in Vegas...now that is sweet!!! I may need to plan a trip in the near future.

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On 2015-06-23 14:28, Muskeg wrote:
I've got fingers crossed that this July opening actually happens. Anyone in Vegas care to do a drive-by and get an inside scoop on the opening?

Did a drive-by last Tuesday, but the single window at the entry was papered over.

Aloha -

Thank you for your interest in The Golden Tiki .

I am so sorry we have been so busy working 18 hours a day, to build this tropical oasis , I haven't had a chance to reply til now . Good eye on the Facebook photo . I take full blame. We haven't had time to shoot our own images . I wanted am image that conveyed how serious we were about our drinks. I searched Google and that image came up at the time . Much love to the originators , I meant no harm. I will gladly buy them a barrel of rum or two when they come to Vegas . We finally got original art by Doug Horne and will be putting it up shortly. Let me also tell you that you need not worry about us "Vegasing" out this bar. A lot of attention to detail has gone into well every detail. I am an old school punker and lounge Dj. I used to promote the original Hanalei Hotel tiki lounge and restaurant - San Diego in 1993 until they tore it down and destroyed it . One of the saddest days of my life. Our music will stay faithful to lounge standards plus all of the Martin Denny , Les Baxter and Arthur Lyman you could possibly want. We are 24 hrs so once we establish our sound I will be bringing in Surf Rock, Punk Rock, Rockabilly , Big Band and yes maybe some other intelligent experimentation only if the room allows it . Our cocktails will also be on point . We are aging our own rum in barrels , and will stay true to all of the original receipes . We will even offer table side Tea Service. We are also working tirelessly to create the Worlds Best Mai Tai. I think we almost got it! Our concept is truly special . We are 4000 sq ft. We have a Headhunter's Village. A Mermaids Cove and a Pirates Lair. We have original carvings by Bosko , Taboo Island , Bill (as noted above) and of course Tiki Diablo (who is our main designer) Plus we will have an Animatronic Talking Golden Tiki by Irk , a Skeleton Pirate , LED Stars , Fireworks and Shooting Stars. Plus a 20 foot Waterfall and a Lava Cave Entrance. Again , we are trying our best for you. We have the history , the chops , the right team, and we promise it won't be douchey at all . Tours depart daily beginning July 17th ( weather permitting ) we welcome all explorers to The Golden Tiki * please forgive any typos . I am sending this to you from my coconut phone on Skull Island . It's dark here and can't see a thing :)

P.S. In response to above. We LOVE Moss and Frankie's. As soon as we decided to partake on this journey, I personally reached out to Moss before even telling my own girlfriend. I did it out of respect for a person who has single handedly carried the torch of coolness in Las Vegas for many years . We will never talk bad about him , we will even sell his books in our Trading Post. Frankie's is Frankie's and they are and will always be awesome. We are us and will work hard to earn your respect .Two can live together in harmony. We hope you enjoy us both in a booze filled night . You will see our staff supporting his spots as well. Vegas needs more things like this and less obnoxious nightclubs with Raft Riding , Cake Throwing Dj's . See you all soon at The Golden Tiki - Chinatown , Las Vegas


On 2015-06-27 22:42, The Golden Tiki wrote:
Aloha -

Thank you for your interest in The Golden Tiki ... We have the history , the chops , the right team, and we promise it won't be douchey at all . Tours depart daily beginning July 17th ( weather permitting )..."

Golden Tiki, thanks for joining the TC crowd and welcome. How about teasing us with a few "behind the scenes" photos? Few sneak peeks to get conversation going? :wink:

It sounds like you've got quite a lot planned for The Golden Tiki and we all look forward to checking it out once it's open. I, personally, want it to blow my skepticism far, far away once I've been able to experience The Golden Tiki for myself,

Mahalo and kampai!

Just drove by

Can't see in the front

Lots going on inside
View from back

Can't wait for a new spot to enjoy...

Dagg posted on Fri, Jul 3, 2015 3:44 PM

Can't wait for a new spot to enjoy...

A few new pictures on the Golden Tiki facebook page. Looks pretty good! Ill be there in Oct (first time in Vegas!)

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I think I may have to join you Dagg. Sounds soooo good

Just found out about this place opening. Happily I am going to be in Vegas Aug 2-5, so if it opens I will report back.

Anyone find a menu/drink list yet?


Golden Tiki article in the Las Vegas Weekly:


Mike Prevatt , Tue, July 7, 2015

It’s not done yet, but a pre-opening tour of the Golden Tiki demonstrated its transportive powers. There’s a lava cave, a waterfall highlighting Headhunter’s Village, a trading post for souvenirs, a performance/DJ platform called Mermaid’s Cove and a lair for pirate captain William Tobias Faulkner (more on him in a bit).

Aside from the forthcoming tiki idol with the big schlong—a Vegas touch, surely—the bar and its contents evoke the comprehensive, time-freezing escapism of Disneyland. Such fantastical places have been an inspiration to Branden Powers, entrepreneur, club-industry veteran and managing partner of the Golden Tiki. Whether as a 6-year-old who envisioned a performing-robots-meets-pizza concept two years, he says, before Chuck E. Cheese’s, or as a rave promoter in Southern California, Powers always flexed his imagination to suspend reality.

“When [ravers] had to drive two hours on top of mountaintops, you had to buy into the vision,” Powers says. “You’re going into the enchanted land of Narnia. And that’s what I’ve been really good at creating. I’m not Walt Disney, but I admire what Disney has done. And I do incorporate that into my events, my bars, my Halloween parties.”

Enchantment is an apt word to describe the potential vibe of the Golden Tiki, the 4,000-square-foot Chinatown bar that used to be Little Macau, but now comprises four themed areas that align with the Powers-penned backstory about Faulkner and his fateful visit to Flaming Skull Island. (Powers will finally get his animatronic character in the form of a talking Faulkner skeleton.) To establish an immersive atmosphere, various props and artifacts were sought—including some from a certain theme park’s Haunted Mansion and the Indiana Jones film franchise—as were craftsmen and artists to create a legit tiki haven (including renowned designer/carver Tiki Diablo). LED-filled ceilings and niche DJs will add to the ambiance when the bar opens July 24, with vaudeville/cabaret-style entertainment and food offerings to follow.

It sounds like a slam dunk for tourists, who will be close thanks to its Strip-adjacent, Chinatown location—an area Powers feels is loaded with nightlife potential. But according to manager/venue mixologist/artist Jeffrey Alexander, formerly of the Cosmopolitan’s Vesper Bar, the Golden Tiki will actively court service-industry folk, working stiffs and other locals looking for a comfortable place to have a drink. “We want people to get off work and come here to relax,” he says.

Because locals have become more discerning about their beverages—as are tiki-culture loyalists, who might dismiss an establishment if traditions aren’t properly upheld—the drink program is well-considered. Around 15 cocktails make up the menu, including original concoctions and tiki classics like mai tais, plus craft beers, tea service and Dole whips.

The project has been about a year in the making, bar owners Jeff Fine, Seth Schorr and Joe Cain—all principals of Fifth Street Gaming—approaching Powers about ideas for refreshing the space, and Powers immediately placing a tiki concept at the top of his brainstorm. It’s one he’s intimately familiar with. After a stint as a lounge DJ, he promoted parties in the mid-1990s at the old Hanalei Hotel tiki bar in San Diego before graduating to large-scale parties. Though Powers is quick to credit his staff with piecing together Golden Tiki, it’s his relentless creativity that dreamed it up in the first place. And his directive is simple: remove you from the real world and take you elsewhere.

“Tiki Diablo said it best the other day: ‘Tiki bars are time machines,’” Powers says. “When you enter the front doors, you’re going to be teleported to another time. … You’re coming to Flaming Skull Island.”

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Aloha Everyone -

So sorry I haven't been able to post .. things at the Island have been crazy. We had a Cannibal Uprising. Monkeys stole our equipment. It's been one thing after the other. But, I assure you , when you see this place you are going to love it. Tiki Diablo has really outdone himself this time. Reception here is bad. If you want more pics please check out http://www.thegoldentiki.com (can you find the hidden treasure?) and our facebook page The Golden Tiki

Oh.. and due to a tropical storm headed our way. We are moving the opening to July 24th - 8pm. You want to be on the docks ready for adventure. Don't miss this boat. It's a 3 hour tour.. and we all know how that goes. Especially with rum involved.

Looking great inside
Can't wait
Max from Taboo Island working today

Looks great inside
Can't wait

Thing just got a tad more interesting. Drink menu now live on the website... Can't be a bad thing if the navy grog "always" comes with an ice cone, right?

Golden Tiki
Jamaican Rum and Michters rye are blended with Apricot Liquor, ginger, mango and five spice syrup to create our new signature tiki cocktail.

Mai Tai
Trader Vic's classic, that was created in 1944. Jamaican and Martinique Rhum are mixed with Orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, Orgeat and simple syrups.

Navy Grog
Blends Navy Style, Jamaican dark and Puerto Rican light rums with lime juice, white grapefruit juice and honey syrup. *The Grog Ice Cone is always included.

Three Dots and a Dash
One of Don the Beachcomber's classics. Combines Agricole Rhum with a Demerera Rum from Guyana, along with honey syrup, Velvet Falernum, Allspice, lime and Angostua bitters.

The original version, using Jamaican, gold Puerto Rican, and 151 Demerera rums. Falernum, lime juice, Don's mix, Pernod, bitters and grenadine round out this potent libation.

First created in the British virgin Islands. Contains a numbing portion of Pusser's Rum, fresh orange juice, coconut cream and Dole pineapple whip, topped with fresh ground nutmeg.

Jungle Bird
First crafted at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton, at the Aviary bar. Jamaican rum is combined with pineapple juice, Campari, lime juice and a touch of cinnamon.

Hotel Nacional
Havavana's delicious daiquiri variation. Contains Cana Brava Rum, Apricot Liquor, Cane syrup, Pineapple Juice and bitters.

Banana Batida
Avua Cashaca is mixed with banana liquor, coconut cream and Dole pineapple whip, blended, and topped with grated nutmeg. Creating a delicious variation of this classic Brazilian cocktail.

Kalani's Sunrise
Anejo and Mexcal tequila's are combined with honey syrup, pineapple and home made pomegranate grenadine with a hint of ginger.

Hemingway's Ruin
Don'sMix, composed of cinnamon and grapefruit, is added to Cana Brava rum, Maraschino Liquor and lime juice to create a delicious Hemingway variation.

Polynesian Haze
Derived from the Fog Cutter classic. Cuban and Jamaican Rums are combined with St Georges Gin, Ximenez Sherry, lemon juice and orgeat syrup. Galiano, lemongrass and mango are substituted to create a new palette of tiki goodness.

Dark n Stormy
Jamaican Rum combined with ginger beer and touch of lime, falernum and spice.

Agricole rum is mixed with Chareau Aloe Liquor, Clement Creole Shrub, cane syrup and pineapple juice, with a hint of Thai Basil. The result is a sweet and savory tiki delight.

Honey-Mango Java Punch
Aged rum from Trinidad is mixed with Jamaican Overproof, orange and passion fruit juices. Honey mango syrup and coffee liquor complete this cocktail, with a dash of fresh ground cinnamon.

Kahuna Swizzle
Martinique Rhum, Green Chartruese, Ximenez Sherry, pineapple juice, Velvet Falernum, and a dash of bitters combine for a new tiki experience.

let us know what you think of our drink menu above...good ? Bad ? Anything missing ? Speak now or forever hold your peace (well at least until the next set of menus arrives at the Island) this is your bar , your experience . We are just here to serve, and make sure your fantasy is all you ever wanted :)

P.S if a drink isn't listed our bar guides will take and make any request. We've found a crate of recipes from some previous inhabitant of the Island known as The Beachbum ???

P.S.S forgot to tell you .. We will be serving Dole Whip. Dole Floats with or without Rum are amazing!!!

This announcement has made a trip to Las Vegas move up on my to-do list!

Love the drinks on the list and the whole concept is amazing. Can't wait to hear reports from Jon and others when it opens! :)


That drink list looks really good! And I'm a tiki drink snob! Will you also have a selection of sipping rums?

That's a pretty comprehensive list. How about adding a Chief Lapa-Lapu to the menu?


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Re: Sipping Rums

Captain William Tobias Faulkner's private reserve aged barrels are littered about the Island . So far we have a sweet little collection of Grog , Kill Devil , Rumbullion and the such . We just tapped one open and it was as delicious as the day he stole it.

I always liked the drinks at Vesper, even stayed at that hotel just to be close to it the last time I was out that way.

Looks like a great drink menu, lots of my favorites. Since you asked I wouldn't mind a Saturn when I make it out that way, whether it is on or off menu :wink:

Seems like quite a few people came together to make the Golden Tiki into a soon to be Vegas staple. I am excited for my next trip to see what it has to offer.


On 2015-07-15 11:29, lunavideogames wrote:
I always liked the drinks at Vesper, ...

...Since you asked I wouldn't mind a Saturn when I make it out that way, whether it is on or off menu :wink:

I too am a huge fan of the drinks at Vesper (it was those damned bar stools I hated)! And the Saturn is in my top favorite cocktails, made with gin or even a white rum like Cana Brava!

See you tonight.....

I've never been to Vegas....Looks like that's about to change!


On 2015-07-24 05:27, hang10tiki wrote:
See you tonight.....

hang10, very curious to hear/see what you think. please post some details afterward!

Oh dear God, just read the drink menu. I will be going from an open bar on the High Roller LAS at around 10pm, to the Golden Tiki. What's my play? Free pedestrian drinks on the high roller to tiki bar, but, I don't want to be "crossing the streams" as it were, and end up over doing it. I'm not a rum-and-coker....how to go from square community drinks to exotica? Maybe I should pass on the open bar altogether?! Please advise experts! :P


Beer, water, beer, water, beer, water, then Golden Tiki and go crazy!

Inside looks great

How are the drinks, service,and overall feel of the G T ?
Mahalo Jon Seeya at Oasis.

nice menu - those graphics and the entire style seems borrowed from three dots and a dash. wonder if they hired the same design house ? looks good.

Doug Horne did the menu, I talked to a few of the folks who helped do the design
and build, word is the place is very cool looking & the owner wants to do it right.

The opening was a bit of a clusterfuck I hear, drinks were not good, but in all fairness
this is to be expected from any restaurant/bar at opening, hope they can fix those issues quickly
and make this a must visit spot for all us Tikiphiles.


On 2015-07-25 23:11, nui 'umi 'umi wrote:
How are the drinks, service,and overall feel of the G T ?
Mahalo Jon Seeya at Oasis.

Went to Vegas to go to the opening night Friday, To say they were having some issues would be a major understatement....my thoughts:

First off I have to say I went with high expectations, seeing all the pictures on their facebook I expected something to rival Disneyland's Trader Sam's (which is high on my list of favorites)

I also have to say I had went to Frankie's Tiki Room for the first time earlier in the day and didn't have really high expectations as everything I had heard kept describing it as a "tiki dive bar" and I was actually really, really impressed so that put my expectations even higher for Golden Tiki.....

Bad sign number one: Parking lot is packed, I was there before they opened (so I thought) but I had been told to go around back for valet...and instead I find people doing construction, table saws and all.

After finding parking I make my way in the front and am immediately overwhelmed, it's packed, it's hot as hell and the music is so loud I can't keep talking to the person next to me about what we should do (we were supposed to be checking in pre opening with a reservation) but it's obviously been open for some time and no staff is visible at all.....there is a cool host station that looks pulled right out of jungle cruise, really well done but people are using it as a table.

The initial feeling is that I just walked into a club I would never actually go to. And it's huge...like a club. The ambiance is not tiki at all.

Knowing there was supposed to be three distinct areas we decide to wander and check out the decor.....it was hard to maneuver through, like walking across the packed dance floor in a club, the theming is really well done of what we could see, but it was not done....the back room had construction going on right then...the ceiling was unfinished and my biggest issue was right in the middle of the top of the awesome tiki shack behind the bar is a huge flat screen showing gambling or sports or something, I honestly tried to ignore it....I had kind of expected to see that kind of thing at Frankie's but not here (Frankie's on the flip side had cool clips playing on their screens)

I also realized later we had seen two of the three distinct areas, we just didn't realize the booths that you walk into at the front door and are a few feet from the bar were a separate "village"

Walking around we also noticed that what everybody was drinking was beer....in cans. That throws me a bit in tiki bar.

The staff was nice....the service was not good in that they were just overwhelmed and they all looked it.....I actually felt bad for them. I liked the fact that the bartenders were wearing jungle guide looking uniforms but that also kind of made me expect the Trader Sam's kind of energy from them and instead they all just seemed like they were on the verge of quitting. Same goes for the cocktail servers once we saw them....they were friendly when you talked to them but as they walked through the place to serve drinks they looked like they were wishing death on everybody in their way.

When we finally ordered I asked if the mug for the house drink was a house mug, if it had location specific markings on it (the other mugs on the menu were clearly generic tiki farm but I hadn't seen the golden tiki before and thought maybe it at least was a variant version) her answer was "yeah it's a mug" I'm not sure if she didn't understand the question or just couldn't hear me because we had to basically scream at her trying to order.

I can't answer if the mug is location specific, or what the drinks taste like because it never came.....we waited an hour and a half with no drinks seeming like they were really going to anybody (besides the kids ordering that canned beer) finally we canceled it and bailed. That hour and a half brought up another issue.....

The bar tables are really big, maybe so lots of people can gather around them, but they only have two stools so we were sitting like 3 feet apart trying to talk about the theming to pass the time waiting and waiting for our drinks but our conversation ended up mostly being us screaming "what!" At each other with the dance club music that was going on.

The table next to us seemed like tiki fans as well - they were there before us and all wearing Hawaiian shirts but they never had drinks come either while we were there which lead me to the final observation, the kids wearing t shirts and jeans and drinking beer seemed like they were being treated very well by the staff and were maybe friends? And all seemed to be having fun, everybody that was there that looked like they were there for the tiki experience (Hawaiian shirts, etc) seemed like they were being shunned....and didn't seem like they were being served at all.

All in all I think the decor is high end, but too big and open to really be comfortable the way I expect a tiki bar to be (the actual tiki room is more intimate) who knows what the drinks taste like, unless your wanted a bud light it didn't seem like they could get them out. The overall atmosphere could be corrected, I just hope they don't go forward on trying to make it feel like a club.

I hope they get things to fall into place because it has potential - it seems like they are blending Trader Sam's and Three Dots and A Dash, it just wasn't working opening night....At All!

Thank you for the brutally honest review. It's reviews like this that I appreciate more than lip service. I'm not trying to make excuses however in our defense I would like to better clarify a few things. First of all , whatever you spent I would like to refund. Second , if you care to give us another chance I would like to comp you a few rounds of drinks. If you did end up getting drinks they most likely weren't the best representation based on the over crowded night .

You came on our first night . It was our "soft opening " not Grand Opening. It was designed as a stress test to make adjustments. We failed miserably . Unfortunately , we were overun from 6pm on . We did a friends and family free drinks ( the beer was donated for that party.. We are a tiki bar and I too cringe when people order beers cause I'm a purest . But , none the less it was a gift and we didn't want to be rude. We did over 500 people from 6pm to 8pm . Friends and Family leaked out and turned into a circus . Hence why the parking lot was a zoo. We offer free valet around back just FYI. And to make things worse our AC went out at opening . Murphy's law .. Just my dumb luck . It too has been fixed and cool breezes are ahead .

Here's a few more points ..

(1) I can't stand the gambling TV either . Fricken sucks ass :wink: we are taking it down . If I could I would get rid of all gaming . Unfortunately , in Vegas it's a necessary evil for a 4000 sq ft bar to survive 24/7 operation. We were going to play visuals but didn't want the Frankie's comparison right of the bat.

(2) the last thing we want to be labeled is a douchey vegas nightclub . I'm sorry the music was too loud . It was Dj Rex Dart who is probably the coolest DJ vegas has to offer , and he's pretty darn good compared to other lounge / exotica DJ 's nationally . He wasn't playing club music but he did play exotica in the beginning of the evening and as the night progressed he played surf , surf goth , rockabilly , swing , punk, rare groove , soul , funk, and other obscure and intelligently programmed music. We got other complaints about his volume and have since made adjustments .

(3) yes we are a big tiki bar with headhunter village and 20 foot waterfall, Pirate's Lair and Mermaid Cove. We've tried our best to create intimate spaces , and are still doing that . We were designed by tiki diablo in conjunction with Oceanic Arts . There's no better names in the business . The amount of detail is extraordinary actually and yes wasn't done at opening . We were laying our wooden floor up to 11pm in the pirate room. Our lamps , masks and various art pieces are right from OA and are in Trader SAMs and The Enchanted Tiki Room. We just added two Enchanted Tiki Room drummers last night. We also have an animated talking tiki God and animatronic pirate Skeleton in the Pirates Lair. Frankie's is awesome . We love them . But , to compare 1200 sq feet to 4000 isn't really fair . Some people prefer dive bars ( I'm actually and old punker and I'm a dive bar lover. Others prefer something truly unique , like Disneyland..well maybe a poor man's Disneyland , but I think we've done an amazing job with the design. They do their thing . We do ours . Bamboo Ben did a great build . We did a 4 month build in 2 months . So yes it was down to the wire . Unfortunately , we set our date too soon and because of people like you who traveled from out of town we decided not to cancel . Which hindsight is 20/20 we should have done. First impressions right ?

(4) the last two nights of our first three nights of business have been packed but not crazy like you walked into. That was just a rare fluke. We have gotten 100's of positive reviews but as I said I actually value reviews like yours more. Gives me a chance to hear your concerns and try and earn back your respect. I would like us to be lifelong friends . We hear you loud and clear . We are addressing . We will work on the changes you suggest . We are hard core tiki lovers too. Our hearts and souls are into this . We have invested everything . We strive to be the best . It sure won't get worse . Let me know how I can make you happy :) they say you can't make everyone happy . I'm more of an optimist and think that I can. Feel free to text or call me direct 7028093636
Grand Opening is August 22nd . You are my guest , although the 23rd would probably be less of a shit show again :) if you see me at Tiki Oasis before then please say Hi. I'll buy you a drink there too . You can never have enough cocktails

Managing Partner
The Golden Tiki
Chinatown - Las Vegas

Please forgive typos . Typing on my phone in the darkness of the island

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With regard to the "golden tiki" mug you mentioned in your email, that is the Victor mug that Tiki Farm released late last year. I have one and it's a great glaze and sculpt.

Thanks for posting you thoughts and experience. Definitely take Mr. Powers up on his offer to buy you complimentary rounds of drinks so that you have the opportunity to experience this place "as it should have been".


On 2015-07-27 12:17, The Golden Tiki wrote:
Thank you for the brutally honest review....

Managing Partner
The Golden Tiki
Chinatown - Las Vegas

[ Edited by: The Golden Tiki 2015-07-27 12:28 ]

Branden, thanks for coming on to address the issues. There's obviously a lot of things which need refinement and reconsideration, but being open to the criticism and promise to "right the wrongs" is commendable (please do buy TongaT and his buddies a few rounds) and I appreciate your post shedding some light on the issues instead of being merely a bunch of flimsy excuses. Stuff happens, people get disappointed, and Murphy's Law almost always rears its head at some point. The important thing is to learn from the issues to avoid recurrence and do your best to respect and honor your core "tribe".

Of course, there's business needs that have to be met as well (ie gaming consoles in TGT or the club-like acoustic atmosphere to pull in the volume needed to meet sales), but if the spirit of "tiki" pervades, we can still appreciate it. There are great tiki bars that serve so-so cocktails. There are Amazing cocktails served at bars run by tiki enthusiasts, but that aren't technically "tiki" bars. Frankie's does their thing very well, but there's definitely a niche for TGT to carve out in Las Vegas and by improving the things TongaT mentioned, TGT certainly has the potential to be another "Must Do", both for Tikiphiles and for general visitors to Las Vegas. And I really hope you can follow through because I like what I've seen here so far, the outcome just has to meet or exceed the intent.

I won't get to experience The Golden Tiki until August, but certainly look forward to it then. And if you are at Tiki Oasis next month, please do take time to talk to and engage with the folks from Tiki Central (I'll be there but only for Saturday.) Although we come from all different walks of life, we all share a deep passion for tiki, escapist exoticism, and damn good cocktails. It sure seems like you're tried to incorporate those aspects into The Golden Tiki and we'd love nothing more than to shout about it from the rooftops to our compatriots and across social media.

Mahalo and best of luck!

On 2015-07-27 14:37, finky099 wrote:

With regard to the "golden tiki" mug you mentioned in your email, that is the Victor mug that Tiki Farm released late last year. I have one and it's a great glaze and sculpt.

Hey Guys - I appreciate you taking the time to read my response . In regards to our mugs we needed a signature cocktail The Golden Tiki but Ran out of time to sculpt our own mug . I am happy to announce that Tiki Diablo is currently working on our first signature mug . We will also be working with several other artists. We are open to suggestions and welcome your input . When our drinks are actually made right in normal non crazy conditions they are amazing, and we spare no expense. Our syrups are home made . Our fruit and limes are fresh (except opening night I caught a bartender using Roses.. We are having a talk about that this week. We also use the best rums money can buy. Our Bartender April just won a competition at Tales. Our drinks are tasty, and well balanced , and I've had my share of drinks at tiki bars around the world . We are striving for the best Mai Tai and won't stop til we are damn close .

We welcome any and all constructive criticism or praise . Think of my place as your place . Mi Casa Es Su Casa . You're the invisible partner of sorts . Let me know what you would change and I will do my best to make it happen. My history as stated before is the Hanalei , having been the first and only person to have promoted nights at their bar and restaurant before they destroyed it 93 to 95 ish. My other loves are of course Disney and the original big guys of tiki bars . I am building a shrine here for all of you to visit . Welcome to my fantasy Island . Places everyone .. We've only begun.

An opening night clusterf**k….That’s a given. A month from now it’ll still be a mess, that’s to be expected. I’ll bet once they get their sea legs it’ll rock.
I’m a huge Frankies fan and go there a lot, but I will say this. The drinks at Frankies on their best day, are mediocre at best. Branden, you get the drinks correct and 4000 sq ft, video poker, or a flat screen wont mean squat. I also hear you’re close to Pho Kim Long…that’s freaking genius.
Kudos to Branden for listening to the faithful.

Long live Double Down…shut up and drink!

" Bamboo Ben did a great build . We did a 4 month build in 2 months ."

No comparison bro. I built Frankie's in 12 days by myself. :wink:


And a great job you did too . You have to remember we spent 4 weeks of that two months trying to convince you to do our build :wink: looking forward to buying you a few Mai Tais soon.

I can vouch 100% for Braden and the drinks at the Golden Tiki. I was asked to taste some of them and have been to my fair share of Tiki bars. Their Daiquiri was as good as the one I enjoyed at The Floridita in Havana.

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