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Tiki Art Swap 2019 - Complete!

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OK Folks, this year we're gonna kick this Swap WIDE OPEN - Anything Tiki goes. Tiki Oasis is August 8th this year, deadline for the Swap will be Saturday July 27th. This will allow plenty of coordination time for anyone who will be swapping at Oasis.

Official Swap Rules - Artists create an work of Tiki art. Can be any media; clay, wood, paint, fabric, beads, digital, metal, glass, mixed media, etc. The intent is for this to be an original "one-off" work of art, not part of a mass produced run. If it is created from an existing mold it should be heavily modified. Digital art or screen prints should be printed on a nice substrate, not just run off on a piece of art pad paper. You must post a picture of your finished piece by the deadline in order to be included in the drawing, anyone who does not show evidence of a finished project will not be included in the name drawing. Names will be drawn at random and paired together, these people will swap art. Remember that you will probably ship your art to your partner, don't make anything so large or heavy that it cannot be shipped cost effectively (We have even had non-US Swappers) If you are not an established Swapper and/or established TC member, I will ask for real name and cell phone number so we have a solid contact in the event of a problem. Most of all, have fun and interact with some fellow TC folks

Hey guys, it's time to fire up an Art Swap! Any theme suggestions?

Here's some Art Swap History for inspiration.

"I want you to shake the freak tree and invite anyone that drops to the ground. Dwarfs and giants, magicians, Zulu tribesmen, contortionists, fire eaters... and priests. We're going to need to confess" Freddy Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody

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How about showing Florida some love? Like Mai Kai inspired art? Classic and lots of stuff to choose from.

It's been my inspiration for a long time.
Go figure.

I thought about you when I posted that Will :D

I'm in no matter what you choose for us to do. I like the Mai Kai idea. Wendy

Hamo posted on Fri, Apr 12, 2019 12:54 AM

Remember MaukaHale’s suggestion last year to use a broader theme a la the Rose Parade? Well, I looked at previous parade themes and think these could work (adding “tiki” where appropriate):

1934 – Tales of the Seven Seas
1944 – [Tiki] Memories of the Past
1950 – Our [Tiki] Heritage
1992 – Voyages of Discovery
1997 – [Tiki]'s Shining Moments
2013 – Oh, the [Tiki] Places You'll Go!

Hamo posted on Fri, Apr 12, 2019 1:11 AM

Another source of theme inspiration could be anniversaries. I consulted the Tiki History calendar and compiled this list:

1944 Trader Vic invents the Mai Tai (75th)
1949 Wayne Coombs born (70th)
1959 Hawaiian Statehood (60th)
1969 Trader Vic’s Detroit opens (50th)
1984 Trader Vic dies (35th)
1994 Milan Guanko dies (25th)

I’m partial to the Trader Vic anniversaries. It would also be reminiscent of the Steve Crane swap from a few years ago.

There's some good ideas there Hamo. It's the 100th year b'day of Charles McKirahan Sr, architect of the Mai Kai but I thought that was stretching it a bit :lol:

I have been resistant in the past to eliminating the theme and just going with anything Tiki. But I know that sometimes the choice of theme keeps some people from participating. What do you guys think of a Tiki Art Swap?

That makes it really easy. I like that just fine. Then there can be endless ideas for each persons art. Wendy


Tons of great inspiration there
(Aloha WILL)

Yesterday, Zulu Magoo did a seminar at the Arizona Tiki Oasis on “Tiki In The West.” There was some interesting material and ideas.

MaukaHale are you going to share what you learned? Wendy

Well, I never knew about the Pinky Gonzales mug before.

There's a section on Senior Pico's on TC:


:o :up: :lol:

Since I've made Dan's rear end so famous I guess I should have known I wasn't the first to think of it. Butt maybe Dan's is the first male rear to be shown off! So what are we doing MDM? Wendy

Let's do an unspecified Tiki Art Swap and see what happens without a theme. I'll post official rules and stuff up top.

Cool, that makes it so easy. Cheers, Wendy

cy posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 8:08 PM

I'll tell you what, rheumatoid arthritis is no joke, and after suffering big time with debilitating joint pain since last December I was finally diagnosed with the disease in February. I've been feeling much better after finding the right cocktail of medications, but because of other carving commitments (Caliente, Tiki Kon, and Tiki Oasis) I'm going to just be a spectator in this swap. Carry the tiki torch on, I'll be back.

Mike- cool
Wendy- I assume you started today :)
At least you said cocktail

Hamo posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 8:58 PM

Hmm, I’m gonna have to mull this one over for a bit to see if I can come up with an idea and then create something worthy to stand alongside everyone else’s excellent art.

Cy, get well soon my friend. We'll be here waiting for you on the next Swap.


"If it is created from an existing mold it should be heavily modified."

How heavily?

CY I'm so sorry to hear this about your hands. It's so hard to be an artist and then have your body rebel at too much work.

Swizzle please don't ask because I wasn't going to do much modification on a cast due to time issues. I think we just need to have fun without too many rules.

Cheers, Wendy

The intent that this is a custom piece and not just one of a 100 piece run. Starting with a mold is fine, just customize it by adding clay, carving, texturing, special glaze, etc.


Well all the pieces i do are one-of-a-kind in regards to how they are glazed but i have one particular piece i've made which has got added clay to it. If i did make the mug again it would be glazed differently no matter what so the art swap piece will always be an original.

I'll see how it looks when it's glazed before i decide whether or not i'll enter it. Not sure how many other entrants there will be and whether or not they'll be willing to ship there piece to Australia if they end up as my swap partner.

We've had overseas Swappers before Swizz, it can be done.

I have figured out how to do a one of a kind piece so I'm set. I would ship oversees. Wendy

Swizzle- I’ll make it easy
Just send me any of your mugs and call it a day
I’ve never sent a package down under but would love to

Swizz, I think the Art Swap originated Down Under with a mate named Hewey


I believe you're right Mike. He's up north from me in Sydney but i met him quite a few years ago. He was a very early member of this forum who contributed a lot but has pretty much disappeared.

Let’s get this party started

Cotton wood bark

You gonna leave some bark on last your last Moai? That's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

Mike- yup
Leaving some bark on
Just a lil


I want to say Woo Hoo! But that name is taken. Thanks for getting this going hang10tiki and MDM for running another one. I better get busy, Wendy

Wendy :)


hang10tiki he does look kind of bitchy. Maybe Boss or just plain mean and wonderful.

Mike and Wendy: :)

Count me in--my specialty is unspecified tiki art

Whoohoo moondog!

Moondog in the house

Alright I’m in if you guys will have me.

AnthonyMaye! Welcome of course!!!!

AM in the house


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