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Exotikon - June 23-25 2023

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Was this already posted? I didn't see it so here goes...

From the Peekaboo Gallery Facebook page:


Celebrating the Wild, Weird & Wonderful World of Exotica!

We’d like to take this moment to ask you to SAVE THE DATE! Why? Because we are very proud to announce that this JUNE 23-25, 2023 we will hold our long anticipated EXOTIKON festival here in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA! EXOTIKON is a weekend-long celebration of all things relating to the WORLD OF EXOTICA. Entertainment, food, cocktails, music, symposiums, exhibition displays of vintage artifacts and memorabilia AND a spectacular LIVE AUCTION EVENT! Special products and a fabulous ROTATING VENDOR VILLAGE where some of the most unique dealers of EXOTICA RELATED wares set-up throughout the weekend with fresh offerings every day. There’s something for everyone at EXOTIKON with different themed zones: SPACE, LATIN, LOUNGE, SURF and of course, TIKI! More details to come…

Join us this Summer, JUNE 23-25th at this most immersive celebration at EXOTIKON. More details soon and visit us at Exotikon.com. Email sign ups, notice of special advance ticket sales and exclusive products. Interested vendors, talent and sponsors, please email inquiries to [email protected].


Performers so far:

The Blue Hawaiians


The Ego Plum Laboratory

The Hula Girls

The Internal Order of the Black Flame

Jason Lee and the Dark Entities

The Martini Kings

Mambo Diabolico

Optiganally Yours

The Reckless Night Ensemble

The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Thea Triffid

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This sounds tempting, but I may be priced out. I have the info noted & will check back when the option for single-day tickets opens up (looks like on May 1st.)

MrFab posted on Mon, May 15, 2023 9:17 PM

Has this ever take place in LA before, Or is this the first one?

It isn’t held in the usual vintage hotel, it’s at a complex that’s a series of large domes. They have like Pink Floyd laser shows there. Anyone ever been, and can explain how a tiki festival will fit in this type of venue?

All about Exotikon, featuring Shag, Sven, the Tonga Hut and more! exotikon_thumbnail

I wasn't too enthused about Exotikon by the initial email from Jordan, but this video changed my mind about the "tiki-ness" (and beyond...) of the event. I'm not gonna be able to make it, but I do hope it turns out to be a success and also that people post pics and recaps here.


I don’t see a direct link to Spike’s video, so here it is.

I guess I'm not going to make it to this, as it starts tomorrow. I'm sure I'd enjoy it, but wasn't overwhelmed enough to jump on it and have too many other expenses to make it work. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

MrFab posted on Tue, Jun 27, 2023 7:00 PM

Oof, NOT very successful: https://www.reddit.com/r/Tiki/comments/14iu3u9/exotikon_la_a_thirsty_event/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

Better luck next time, guys. I think part of their problem was the lack of appropriate venue. Ya know, someplace with a liquor license?!

What WOULD be a good L.A. venue? Preferably the kind of mid-century hotel where Tiki Oasis is usually held.


I saw the announcement about no liquor license at the last minute; I thought it said they had it straightened out for Sunday?? But it sounds like not.

I know the licensing can be tough, so I'm more surprised at the disappointed reviews for the symposiums, marketplace, etc. Sounds the whole thing was a disappointment overall.

Sad. But glad I didn't talk myself into spending the money, even for a single day ticket. If it were less expensive I probably would have gone for it, but it was over my budget.

Hope better things are on the horizon for it next year. The premise seemed solid.

Or maybe this was just a few cranky people??

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I watched the Tiki Ti presentation via Adrian's Patreon and thought it was fantastic.

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