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Egg Nog: Yay! or Nay!

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Egg Nog...YAY!!! Egg Nog is proof that Santa loves us and wants us to be happy! Each sip is a wonderful, rich holiday experience that has no parallel in other festive drinks, foods, or activities. An intoxicating blend of forbidden ingredients, Egg Nog has a sweet subtlety which can only be compared to beautiful passages of poetry or great music. In these days of the flash, crass, and cash Christmas, Egg Nog is a reminder of a time when the Holiday was real and our greatest pleasures were simpler. Just the very though of a glass of Egg Nog brings sweet distant Christmas memories to mind, not just my memories but memories that reach far into the past to Christmases long before me. And on top of all that Egg Nog is just pure, unadulterated YUM. It tastes like angels dancing on the tip of your tongue...If one sip doesn't send you to Heaven, you're probably already living in Hell! And that's why I say: Egg Nog: YAY!!!

Egg Nog...NAY!!! Egg Nog looks like half finished cake batter, taste likes a mouthful of International Delights Non-Dairy Creamer, and smells like the stuff the school janitor would sprinkle over vomit. Which is appropriate because that's what drinking Egg Nog makes me want to do. Didn't we invent the 20th Century so that a mixture of raw eggs, cream, and sugar was no longer considered a good idea? C'mon: Raw eggs? Oh how yummy! Blech! And what the hell is "nog" anyway? Elf phlegm??? Egg Nog, like a monarchy and hats with big buckles on them, is a relic of the 18th century that should only be regarded as a horror of our past. And that's why I say Egg Nog: NAY!!!

For inside sentiment
see back of package.

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Ha-ha! Great thread, woofmutt! Though it is a little like last year's Egg Nog thread HERE. Still, I say: Egg Nog: Yay! The stuff is mind blowingly good and just plain evil. Like French fries. Or bacon. Or French fries with bacon on 'em.

One thing I don't get though is the big to-do all the coffee shacks and shops make over Egg Nog Lattes 'bout this time every year. Dunno if that's just a local thing or national, but 'round these parts they hang out professionally printed banners announcin' to all they have Egg Nog Lattes. It's like they think they got some sorta exotic concoction yuh couldn't figger out on yer own. Coffee + Egg Nog = Egg Nog and Coffee. Woo-Hoo!


You wasted post 669 on this? I'd rather drink 151 and cream cheese.


On 2006-12-08 21:49, woofmutt wrote:
One thing I don't get though is the big to-do all the coffee shacks and shops make over Egg Nog Lattes 'bout this time every year. Dunno if that's just a local thing or national,

from January till November 30, Eggnog Goes Underground.


Salmonella Punch ~ bring it ON!


Eggnog Schmeggnog... Gingerbread Lattes the hot topic this year...

Gingerbread Lattes all the rage on the East Coast



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I don't care what it's made out of, I can speed-drink this stuff no problem. I could probably down a quart of this stuff in like 30 seconds, and I not joking. Unfortunately when you get the 'premium' stuff, ie., not the Soy-Nog or the Low Fat you're dealing with biblical amounts of fat and calories. Therefore this holiday season I have downed 0 ounces thus far, and may not have any at all before the holidays are over. Sad but true. Ya might as well pour it in your pants and get on the scale to see that you've ganed 10 pounds. Why do all the good things in life have price tag?

I say egg nog YAY!!! :D

I've loved this stuff since I was a kid and as an adult the version with hard spirits and heated is all the better.

On a cold winter night, by a fire, with da Mrs. -bring on the Nog or a good Hot Mulled Wine and that's all I need to get me through the damn dreariness of Winter!

Only problem is my Mrs is Lactose Intolerant so these days bout the only Nog I see is of the SOY variety and that my friends is pretty nasty! :P

The best on the planet is making your own completely from scratch!

Sacraligious...but...many a low-fat egg nog with Meyer's Rum have made it onto my hips. It is even good warm. But only embibe during the holidays....not a fave for me.

Egg Nog NAY!

Hot Buttered Rum YEY!!!

PM me for a great recipie for Hot Buttered Rum....
As good as the one Trader Vic's sold!

As a kid YAY! Now? I'm leaning torwards NAY. Something just don't seem right about it. I'm sure I'll be giving it another go this year....we'll see.

Not into it that stuff at all. Something about the taste and name freaks me out. Eggs are already weird enough with out adding nog to them. I want to order an egg nog someplace and say "Yes I will have the egg nog, but please hold the egg and add extra nog." Or maybe start a new online trend... Web Nogging. I do think egg Grog is cool though:


P.S Woofmutt, your funny!

Coconut Wired Podcast
Barefoot bloggin'

Definitely Yay! For me, it's not Christmas without egg-nog (with dark rum) and mixed nuts in the shell. These days I try to limit the intake, though, as it does wreak havok with the waistline.

had the opportunity to do the egg nog( and it MUST be 'nogged' AKA BOOZE) this weekend at 2 Christmas parties--took NO OPPORTUNITY to avail myself yet have done so in the past...I agree with the above that stuff is just TOO THICK as a beverage.. I am on a ANTI-THICK or HOT rant I guess (see buttered rum forum). I chose KETEL ONE & tonic with homegrown key lime slices instead and probably felt FAR BETTER in the a.m. than my wife who chose the LOW-FAT eggnog w/rum mode


egg nog is nasty and slimy and icky and grody and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, it's just gross.
I'm kinda ready to hurl just thinking about it,
why did I read this post.


Store bought eggnog = NAY!

Homemade with plenty of booze = YAY!

I make it every year using a different recipe each year (usually from the 1940s Esquire Drink Book).

Helz posted on Tue, Dec 12, 2006 10:19 PM

Ok, allow me to contribute...

I love eggnog, but a couple sips and I've got a wicked wicked migrane. So, since I can no longer use my secret recipe, I thought I'd share it with you all:

12 Egg Yolks
1 3/4 c. Sugar
2 Qts. Heavy Cream
2 tsp. Cinnamon (Ground)
2 tsp. Nutmeg (Ground)
2 tsp. Cloves (Ground)
1 C. Rum - Use a favortie, I personally prefer any Demerera (151 for the bold)
1 oz. Congac

Combine ingredients and refrigerate. Served with fresh ground nutmeg on top.

(of course, this isn't a pic of the recipe, this is that Soy junk)

Happy Holidays!

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Yea. Anything you can put rum in is OK.

Egg Nog YAY!!
I love it with dark rum. For another tasty combo, try it with bourbon and a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg....mmmm!

squid posted on Wed, Dec 13, 2006 2:54 PM

Can we somehow merge the eggnog thread with the Beatles thread?





I grew up in a household that didn't drink (yawn). BUT I had this Aunt (doesn't everyone?) that liked to spice things up. I remember getting to taste Eggnog and McNaughton's as a kid.


I tried some recently and it's best in very limited quntities...say a shot glass full. I also currently have it in chocolate form. Yes, chocolate. I still have two packages left (as shown) and will send one to anyone who can convince me they need to try it (you will have to give me your address which means that at any given moment in time I could show up at your door as well...keep that in mind). I expect no takers on the Eggnog chocolate...


While this topic was well discussed last year I was in a bar last night where a very bloody and destructive fight boke out. There was some confusion as to what was the cause, but as the cops were puttin' the cuffs on me I told 'em how a lil discussion on egg nog kinda got outta hand.

Clearly the cotroversy rages on.


This year I made a batch from a recipe on CHOW.com that calls for aging the eggnog in the fridge for a minimum of 3 weeks up to one year. This recipe was also recently mentioned on NPR. My batch will be 3 weeks old on Christmas eve. If I survive drinking it I'll report back here on how it tasted!


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On 2007-12-12 12:02, thejab wrote:
This year I made a batch from a recipe on CHOW.com that calls for aging the eggnog in the fridge for a minimum of 3 weeks up to one year. This recipe was also recently mentioned on NPR. My batch will be 3 weeks old on Christmas eve. If I survive drinking it I'll report back here on how it tasted!


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So, how was it?

Yuck....Made from liquid chickens and mammal secretions.This stuff needs lots of alcohol in it just to make it safe to drink but still can't even tolerate the thought of it at all.

Egg Nog - delicious HOT...disgusting COLD! If you ever drink enough nog mixed w/ Southern Comfort to get really, really gut wrenchingly sick, you will never want to drink it again.


I was thinking of getting some egg nog today and I thought "I wonder if everyone likes egg nog as much as me? Say! That'd be a great idea for a thread on the Tiki Central!"

Of course before just firing off a new non-tiki thread in the main forum I did a SEARCH***** and as it turns out great minds think alike...I'd already started an egg nog thread!

So here for its third annual holiday appearance is my egg nog thread. Enjoy!

*****Yes it's true: I am an example for us all!

Not the milk carton stuff, only home made with real rum. (Okay I will drink the milk carton stuff if it has real rum...)

God I love egg nog. I would pour it over cereal if I could find it all year long. With or without rum. But that's just the fat kid in me talking.

Any fans of Dave Attell? He has a bit where he talks about egg nog..and what it actually is (too dirty to repeat here!).

"I wanna get a little drunk...but I also want pancakes!"


On 2006-12-09 10:37, Matt Reese wrote:
As a kid YAY! Now? I'm leaning towards NAY. Something just don't seem right about it. I'm sure I'll be giving it another go this year....we'll see.

That's from 2 years ago. I did try it that year and it was just ok. Last year I didn't even bother. This year I can almost guarantee I won't touch it. The more I think about it the worse it gets.
I used to chug the stuff without hesitation. Now it just seems too weird to deal with.

MMMmm Egg Snot! yummy but only once a yr!

WooHoo!! Broguiere's Eggnog is the Best! Did anyone see Huell Howsers show about Brouguiere's Dairy in Montebello, California??


that was an emoticon from sg101 of a smiley yaking.
but it doesn't really work here.

I say Nay on the nog.

I used to like milk a lot,and it starting to not agree with me.
I can only imagine what Egg Nogg would do.

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On 2008-12-09 20:24, WooHooWahine wrote:
WooHoo!! Broguiere's Eggnog is the Best! Did anyone see Huell Howsers show about Brouguiere's Dairy in Montebello, California??

I forgot about that place! They have EXCELLENT chocolate milk as well...but, yeah, like bigtikidude, I find the dairy products don't quite agree with me as much anymore. As long as I stay out of elevators I guess I am ok :lol:

Well, as a kid I used to guzzle store-bought eggnog as soon as it would appear in stores after Thanksgiving and was sorry to see it disappear from the dairy case after the New Year. But in those times, just about all store-bought eggnog tasted pretty much the same and was of decent quality (pre-HFCS days).

Over the years it has become increasingly cheap and crappy. No problem. It's easy to make, especially, if you can get someone else to whisk the eggs. That's the biggest chore and not really all that bad (unless you whisk it manually which takes about a half hour).

You can make batches of any size, from individual servings (sort of) to enough for entertaining lots of guests. Caveat is that the ingredients are raw, so the longest it should sit around before being consumed is probably about 24 hours or so refrigerated (make it on one evening, let sit in the fridge overnight and through the day, then serve that evening).

The following is a general recipe. Variations usually are in the area of the number of eggs (percentage of eggs in the concoction), amount of sugar, the kind amount of liquor used, the kind and quantity of cream and milk, and the kind and quantity of spices. Among the spices, nutmeg is always dominant. A dozen eggs recipe will turn into about a gallon or so of eggnog, so if you don't want that much around, alter the recipe accordingly. The recipe here is for a half dozen.

6 eggs
1 cup sugar*
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 cups whole milk
3 cups distilled spirits (traditionally rum, bourbon, and/or brandy)**
1 whole nutmeg seed
1 whole Ceylon cinnamon stick (or cassia if real cinnamon is unavailable)
1 whole vanilla bean
1 pinch sea salt

The traditional recipes call for heavy cream and whole milk, but these can be modified for health and nutrition purposes, though the heavier the better for taste and consistency. Historically, in the Colonies, the distilled spirit of choice was rum, but throughout the early history of the US, bourbon and brandy were used. Even the father of our country had a recipe that included sherry. Nutmeg and vanilla can overwhelm some people, so if that is a possibility, start with half the recipe amounts and then adjust them up to taste if need be. If you reduce the nutmeg and vanilla the eggnog will be noticeably bland. To compensate for this you'll probably want to increase the amount of cinnamon or other spices you might be using.

Separate eggs and let them sit for a while to reach room temperature.
Whisk the yolks until their volume doubles.
Grate 1/3 of a nutmeg seed (about 2 tbsp grated; maybe 3/4 tbsp powdered), grate about 1/2" of cinnamon stick (about 1 tsp grated or powdered), scrape out the contents of 1 vanilla bean pod, and toss them into the yolks.
Grind and toss in the salt, then gradually stir in a little more than half of the sugar.
Gradually stir in the distilled spirits.
Gradually stir in the cream and the milk, then set aside.
Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks begin to form and it becomes a meringue.
Whisk the remaining sugar into the meringue until soft peaks begin to form again.
Thoroughly fold the meringue into the yolks.
Put into a container and chill for a couple of hours.

After sitting a while a foam head will rise to the top. Sitting overnight, the head can become 3-6" deep depending on its container. Shake or stir it back together and it's ready to go. If you drink it as soon as it's made, you'll probably see the foam slowly form on top while you're drinking it.

For an additional jolt add a shot or a jigger of your preferred distilled spirit after serving. Stir it in or float it. It doesn't have to be the same spirit as is in the eggnog itself. I make my eggnog with rum but often float something else at serving. Typically, I use Appleton Estate VX in the recipe and AE Extra for the float. Lately, though, I've been floating Crown Royal Canadian blended whiskey.

Garnish with a dusting of grated or ground nutmeg on top.

  • The sweetness of this concoction reaches its peak after it has had a chance to sit for a while. If you drink it right after making it, the sugar content should seem a bit low, so you might think you need to add more. If you do add more so it appears to have the right sweetness just after you make it, once it has had the chance to sit a while it will be super sweet, maybe too sweet, plus you'll get a sugar rush like you just ate a box of candy. I generally start drinking mine as soon as it's made, so I accept the more subtle sweetness and fight any urge to immediately sweeten to taste.

** The quantity of distilled spirits needs to be adjusted according to personal preference, of course. This recipe amounts to about 10 servings. 4 cups renders about two jiggers per serving; half that (2 cups) renders about 1 jigger. The more spirits you use the thinner the consistency of the eggnog. Regardless of the amount you use (unless it's none) these drinks go down so smoothly you can get messed up very quickly, so beware.

[ Edited by: The Gnomon 2008-12-10 13:04 ]

Oops! I can't believe it has taken me five years to get around to correcting the errors in this recipe. I've been making eggnog quite a bit this season so I thought I'd take a peek a the recipe I posted here and found it had a few things that needed correction. It should be okay now. Originally, I called for the maximum amount of spirits (4 cups) when it really has a range of 2-4 cups (I use 3). With 2 cups the eggnog is thicker and you taste a hint of the spirits. With 4 cups the eggnog is rather thin and the spirits jump out and slap you in the face. Also, I said to 'grate' the vanilla bean rather than scrape, so that made no sense, and I completely left out the cinnamon. Hopefully, it's in good shape now and I can ignore it again for another five years.

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I was never one to drink eggnog until I discovered the bliss and intoxication of the homemade variety.

Now it's a yearly fixture and I've got a batch aging in the garage for a few days in anticipation of the weekend.

Gnomon's recipe is pretty similar to the one I use to great effect!

I love eggnog, but I always get the lower fat stuff, and cut it by half with milk. I add rum(of course), a hearty dash of bitters, and garnish with fresh grated nutmeg.

Loved it as a kid, still love it, today. Always been quite partial to nutmeg.
Most store bought stuff is inferior, but I like the nog I get from Braum's, a regional ice cream and dairy store. They're a privately owned, vertically integrated operation - own their own herds, etc. I finished off a jug, last night. Now that you got me thinking about it, I believe I'll have to go get another. Every Christmas, I gain 10 egg nog pounds. I think I read on the label that there's 220 calories in 8 oz. - that's before adding 3 oz. of dark rum. When the egg nog goes away in January, the 10 pounds soon follow.
I'm afraid if I got in the habit of making my own, it would never "go away" - nor would the extra pounds. I'd gain 100 a year, till they had to come saw the house apart to rescue me.

[ Edited by: Limbo Lizard 2008-12-13 16:45 ]

I give eggnog an indifferent, somewhat ambivalent YAY! Then again, I could do without it. I'm certainly lactose intolerant but find the alcohol aids in the digestion; so I don't fear it taken as such.

I've researched eggnog, it's meanings, merits, and origins, and wrote an article that some may find interesting, perhaps even enlightening (you may have to scroll down or search for it, depending when you read this:



Many years ago I did giveth eggnog the name of Satan's Semen.
Eggnog is just wrong, the way cilantro and ginger pizza is wrong.
Unless you like it, then it's right.
Might have something to do with being 8 and downing an entire carton in a couple gulps, then throwing up, or the time I found a carton in a corner in the basement with a thick layer of mold covering the top. Can't remember if I drank that one...

And, from my pal Rob Dayton of Canned Hamm:
The best eggnog video ever.

...AKA "Thirstin' Haole the 3rd"


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I stopped into one of the local convenience stores last night with egg nog on my mind but all they had was the pumpkin pie flavored egg nog which is good (and somehow seems even more decadent than regular egg nog) but as I was in a somewhat Victorian state of mind I didn't go for the nuevo nog.

That's a beautiful story that gives insight into my day to day life and the trials I regularly face and I'm thinking of making it into a children's book but more importantly it reminded me that the egg nog poll thread had not been bumped this year.

I'm not an eggnog fan, it's just kinda nasty. But it does make excellent pancakes :)

Haven't tried this yet but I feel it comin' on. Maybe someone else wants to take a crack at it first since I still have to get the right materials.

Bacon Egg Nog

I'm thinking three strips of bacon per serving. Crumble the crisp bacon into about 16 oz of egg nog. Mix in a blender until the bacon bits are small enough to pass through a straw. Serve in a tall glass or mug. Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on top and garnish with a pat of butter and a sprig of holly.


I think you oughtta take the Bacon & Egg Nog one step further and serve it with a hashbrown wedge garnish.

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