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Shamelessly watching....DWTS

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I am shamelessly watching Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I watched the last two also, mostly cause my Mom likes it and then it gives us something to talk about on the phone. Secretly though, I kinda like it. GHEEEEZ...what next!!!

FATIMA BLUSH: Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet.
JAMES BOND: Yes, but my martini is still dry.

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Billy Ray did not completely massacre the Quick Step! Man oh Maneschevitz.....

No kidding...and Heather did good too (even if she did Paul wrong). :)

WooooHooo Joey :)

Yeah, man, did you see that frame? Apolo Ohno only had better.

Auto tuned for tonight. Hey the old geeezer did pretty good too. :)


Apolo should walk away with it! He ROCKS!
Heather should go home...wherever that is...gold digger! the only reason to watch her is to see if there are any 'malfunctions'(bad, I know, but honest).
Ian is pretty good, Joey is pretty good but those costumes~ does his name really have to be on everything??? I mean really, he gets introduced, we know who he is...
Laila Ali is really great as well, but my vote is still with Apolo! Besides, he's better to look at...
This is the only "Reality" program I watch and I add rum to make it all the more enjoyable :drink:

LOL :drink:


I can't hardly stand to look at the gold digger.....boo hiss

Well goodbye Paulina....too tall and stiff. Is she still married to Rick Ocasek of The Cars?


they should have sent them both (Paulina and Shandi) home last night...
oh well, now they can send her home next time...


Yes...I totally agree. I am glad they didn't kick the old guy off...but he will eventually get it along with the Mr. No-Personality-Basketball Player. Country boy better work harder too. Next week they are airing the results show after 1am due to some sports game (here in Caleeeefornia....drat!!! :)

Yeah, Shandi (and Leeza) better loosen up and get goin'.

John (Ratzenburger) is really great, especially considering he's come into the competition with half the amount to study time as all the other competitors.


Yeah, but you have to give Apolo a lot of props as well. Don't forget he's training and competeing for his 'real job' concurrent to this dance competition...AND he's really good at it with very little time to learn the moves and choreography!

Holla! I believe Apolo'll win it.

But he's not 60 years old (like John) and is a wee more athletic to begin.

....Oh help me, I've started discussing this like it matters....

That is amazing for John....he is a really good sport. I missed the first show so not sure what Apollo does in real life?? I think I heard them say that the black gal is a boxer....or am I also going selectively deaf....well anyway if she keeps working hard I think she has a good chance.

On 2007-03-28 19:51, VampiressRN wrote:
I think I heard them say that the black gal is a boxer....

I saw a snippet on the big gym tv last week. That's Laila Ali, Mohammad Ali's daughter. Both father and daughter boxed professionally.

Thanks for that info Betty. She looks like she is rock-solid and wouldn't tempt a slug from her. I am geared up and ready to watch tonight. :music:


On 2007-03-28 13:43, Haole'akamai wrote:

....Oh help me, I've started discussing this like it matters....

Boy, do I second that!

[ Edited by: kikekeki 2007-04-02 08:44 ]

LOL....and I actually sent a note to the station that airs the show because in Sacramento there is a stupid basketball game on and they won't air the results show till after 1am. Is that lame or what. Somebody post a spoiler please so I can find out who got canned. :)


I called it... Shandi's gone...


Thanks for posting the loosers, since the show didn't air at a decent time for me to watch.....that was a good call...just like the one from before...too tall + too stiff, I figured she would be eliminated.

Gotta say Apolo rocked tonight....they deserved the 30 points...it was a kick arse set with awesome music and great outfits.

Mr. Basketball just can't dance....come on people....I wonder how he even plays basketball...doesn't that take some grace, energy and movement?


Thanks Goodness......good bye Clyde. He really can't dance at all. :(

He did retire, like, 10 years ago. Just because you're nimble at your sport doesn't mean you'll be nimble at partner dancing. Also, Basketball doesn't particularly require you to move with another person.

In fact, I've seen ALOT of very talented (solo) dancers who couldn't partner dance worth a hill of beans.

Good point. Looking forward to next week,the competition is getting interesting now. :D

The dancy was only so so last night, but think the old guy will get cut tonight. The group dance was fun. :)

Yeah, what happened? It's like people got all serious and lost the fun. The group dance was interesting and if it's true that they only learned the routine a few hours earlier that day, then they did a really terrific job. A couple of the lifts/throws are quite complicated.I thought that everyone worked hard to stay "in character" and was especially impressed with Fatone. He really shined. And the ending homage to Frankie Manning and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers was very cool to see.


Just to throw a wrench into all the fun going on with this thread -

We haven't watched broadcast TV for 14 years. I have a kid in middle school, and he gets A+ in every single class. He gets 100% on every test. Last year he got a 94% on one math test, and the whole class kidded him about "slipping". He's also a lifeguard-level swimmer, and golfs with me regularly. He's in SHAPE. He's also a really fun kid.

I attribute his good attitude to simply not watching network or cable TV.

We watch DVDs of old 60's shows right before going to bed, though, so the shows we shamelessly watch are;

  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • Wild Wild West
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • I Dream of Jeannie
  • Bewitched
  • The Andy Griffith Show

By the way, Wild Wild West is the best action series ever filmed. Some of the episodes are directed by Richard Donner, on location! And watching Bob Conrad do all his own stunts, often better than the stunt men supporting him, is astonishing. In one Donner episode he dives twelve feet onto a horse riding stuntman from some overhead rocks, pulls him down, just clearing the horses hooves, and... well ya gotta see it.

There are strange connections between WWWest and Star Trek, as well. Many of the writers and producers of Star Trek cut their teeth first on WWWest, many of the shows have the same actors and plotlines, but developed first for WWWest. The second season of it was amazing, too, they poured money into pop-art color decor and big name guest stars. There's also quite a few Tiki episodes, a handoff to Conrad's earlier Hawaiian Eye show!

That's cool. I grew up watching a ton of television. Both my parents had to work full-time, so being a latch-key kid, TV was my friend in the afternoons, after I did my homework and housechores. I wasn't allowed to have other kids in the house, but could play with friends in the yard, which I chose to do more often than not. But, I did make sure to watch Gilligan's Island at 3 often, and sometimes Rockford Files, or The Price is Right. I was always in the gifted classes, and by the the time I graduated from high school, I was voted Funniest in my senior class, had completed the equivalent of five and a half years of math in four, was president of the computer club, on the yearbook staff, competed in volleyball and cross-country running, and part of The Genisians, our school drama group. And I watched a heck of a lot of TV. I attribute being successful to my parents. They were always clear about what was important: be honest, enjoy working, be open to every possibility, and learn to know what makes you happy.


Do you think 1960's TV actually improved brainpower, and present day stuff destroys it? Does watching 'Gilligan's Island' make us happy, smart, and creative at work???

It seems as viable as anything Jung proposed, and probably more reasonable!

Well, since you asked, I believe that practising to be a well-rounded, observant, compassionate person makes you happy, smart and creative, at work at home and everywhere in between. To get this back on topic:

One of the reason I enjoy Dancing With the Stars so much is that I love Pop Culture. I was previously familiar with the careers of almost all of the celebrities (except for Shandi) because I've watched Ian on BH 90201 and John on Cheers; I know of Apolo, Clyde and Laila because I watched the Olympics; I knew about Heather and Paulina from Entertainment Tonight. And I'll even admit to being a closet N*Sync fan (Joey - you Da Man!).

I also enjoy it because I've been partner dancing for over 10 years. It's great to watch other people learning and it harkens me back to my own experience with trying to grasp dance concepts like Frame and Connection. Watching professionally successful people step outside their areas of expertise, and learn a skill that is (often) not even connected to what they've become famous for, is a thrill and privilege to watch.

In the particular case of Heather (Mills), I think she's a complete inspiration and watching her compete might just open up the future for someone else who’s lost a leg (or arm or…).

I don't want to make a judgment call on whether TV (60's, 70's, 30's, or today) is garbage or not. I've found a way to incorporate it in my life and continue to be creative and connected; that's all.

Heather is gone.

Gonna come back and read the tv watching opinions...too tired tonight. I do miss the shows of the 60s though. :)

What ever happened to Beavis and Butthead?

LOL....yes, Beavis and Butthead would have been great at dancing in this contest. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel can conjure them up.

This week, I think the old guy will get axed!!!

John Raztenberger's got great natural musicality (something that very hard to teach), but I fear you're right. I think if he were 20 years younger, he could have been a contender. I hope he continues dancing, though - It'll help limber him up and get into better shape.

Come on, Ian, step it back up and make this a competition!


If Billy Ray makes it through another week, by stomping across the stage, I'll lose all faith in the American People! Oh wait, that happened when they voted Jennifer Hudson off American Idol a few seasons ago!

My fellow Americans ... I beseach you ... Join with me in ridding the world of the eye-burning sight that is Billy Ray Cyrus attempting to dance! Vote for Apolo, Joey, and Laila!

Gotta agree with both of you. John is stiff, but at his age that is acceptable and bully for him, for hanging in there so long (a Mai Tai ahead of time might limber him up). Billy Raye...blech...and he just thinks he is such a hot number....he can't dance.

Should be good now...it is getting tight.

Cheech Marin is in the audience supporting the old folks...LOL. :)


Joey Fatone rocks my world!!! And if John leaves before Billy "bigfoot" Cyrus, then Trader Vic's closing was just the beginning of the end of the world!

Oh, and Layla better be the other person in that final two!

Ugh, watching B.R. Cyrus is excruciating. I surprisingly felt Apolo wasn't good this week. Go figure....


I'm with ya Ms. T! Apolo was off his game tonight.

Ditto...Joey rocked....Apolo was only so so. Billy sucked big time....he was awful (can you imagine him in be......oh let's not go there!!!


There goes old father time......John & Edyta are gone.

Damn...kick that hillbilly to the ground....he cannot dance....he is a bore...someone please style his hair.

I think I am voting for Joey from this point forward. :)


...but the SportsCenter spoof was f-ing hysterical! Long Live J-Rat!!


I'm so with you on the DanceCenter segments! So much better than the Jimmy Kimmel thing! But when do we get to vote Meatloaf off the dance floor?!? Man, that guy is icky!

And as for the results ... WTF???!!!??!!?!?!
Did somebody veto the legislation saying the worst dancer is supposed to be the one going home. I wish someone could give us an exit date for Billy Ray, 'cause that's the next time I'll tune in!

Ditto on all that ladies. I loved the Sports Center routine, the J-Rat had me PIMP laughing....I always think those shows are so goofy, but what a brilliant application to the dance show. The Jimmy Kemmel thing is getting tiresome. I think Meatloaf was a poor fit for the show....somebody must be helping him sell his upcoming album....which I won't be buying...never cared for him.

I like Josh Stone when she was on...that was good. I wish they would have Michael Buble on again...he is awesome.


I'm looking forward to the return of Tom Jones!
TJ Forever!!!

NO!! Is he really gonna be on?! Oh happy day! I've been looking for new spank material....


He was on the first results show of last season. I doubt that he's gonna be back on this season ... I just wish he would be. You know all about my Tom fixation, Ms. T!

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