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hewey posted on Tue, Feb 9, 2010 7:14 PM

Following on from discussions from the last tiki art swap, the new theme has been decided - "Shrunken Heads and Headhunters". Now this seemed to be the majority vote, and it’s a fun theme to boot that caters for different mediums.

Soooo, the art can be any medium you want. Remember though, to think laterally about the theme! For example you could make a headhunter inspired lamp, and instead of using bamboo accents you could use plastic bones from Halloween decorations, like if it was made by a headhunter :D Think like a headhunter people!

THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 15 This gives you 2.5 months to get your ass into gear and make a piece of art.

The basics are:

  • Participants all create an original piece of art on the theme
  • The art can be anything you like (as long as it is original, no prints/moulded pendants etc), so it could be a painting, charcoal sketch, pastel art, a carving, a one off hand carved mug etc etc etc. Look at the links below to the previous swaps to get an appreciation of the variety of stuff you could make.
  • Post your pics on this thread of the art you are making - to motivate everyone else to get involved!
  • Post pics of your completed piece by the due date!!!
  • All of the participants names will go into a hat, and be drawn out together. The list of swapping partners will be posted here. PM your swapping partner and exhange your postal details. Send your piece off and watch the mailbox like a hawk waiting for your art to arrive!
  • Note - there is a reasonable chance that your creation will be sent overseas! You are responsible for postal costs of the item you create, so dont enter a 6 foot carving unless you're prepared to cover postage! One participant in the last swap got quoted an exorbient amount to post their piece with Fed Ex. By sending the same piece with US Postal Service, they saved themselves a huge amount of cash. Also, if you're looking to include real bone in your artwork, make sure it is suitably treated and cleaned to be acceptable for international customs checks - we don’t want a piece confiscated by the feds because it contains a dirty bone (Kinny stop laughing :lol: ).

Check out the previous swaps for some inspiration:

PNG theme swap

Poly Pop Menu Cover Inspired Art Swap

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WHOOHOO! :D Thanks Hewey!


THANKS , for picking my suggestion and to the folks that expressed an intrest!
I cant wait to start on this,
now, where can i get a spare? Anybody?


I had an idea for something..lets see if 2.5 months is enough to get motivated!

Thanks Hewey!

nuKKe posted on Wed, Feb 10, 2010 4:31 AM

I'm in and I'm gonna make it this time!

TikiG posted on Wed, Feb 10, 2010 7:03 AM

I'm in!

I'm going to expand my creativity and go three-dimensional for this one...no flat painting.

Thanks hewey for going with the flow regarding the headhunter theme.


I'm in, working in a new medium and have a good idea already.

cant wait to see the work!


I'll start it off here.

Doesn't look like much, but I've been messing with some paper mache lately so I figured that would be a good medium to work in.

It will be little heads, it will be a pair, I won't say more until I have more to show.

I've got a couple of my paper mache things in my thread here, just to give an idea that these have a long way to go.

well, ......since i have punked out on the last couple swaps, i'm in this time cause it's right up my alley.....and since i am the unofficial king of all things shrunken head, i will offer up one of my world famous shrunken head swag lamps, a $200 value... I can definately used some more shrunken head artwork for my home bar, "the headhunter hideaway".....

i'll jazz it up a bit to make something special, different than ones i've made before....this is my tentative submission....because the creative spark can strike any minute, i might come up with a different idea other than the lamp....we'll wait and see.....but for now, a lamp it will be.....

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If Tipsy is entering one of his lamps I am sooooooooooo in!!

I am planning a Gimme HeadII mug - suggested Manufacturer's Retail Price $5.97 + tax :lol:


I'd pay $5.97 for that :)

I think i'll make a shrunken
kidnapped cheerleader head....

dirty bone....

did i say that out loud?

I am soooo in!
I missed the mug swap already, and almost missed this one...
Can't wait to get a head!

Visit Zerotiki!

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this is something I'm working on for the swap ...it's this and another piece I figure It's better to have two to pick from makes letting go a little easier lol

what do ya think?

Peeps are starting to get er done!
Great touch mounting your head on wood,Tikiville!
There's gonna be soooo many mediums and approaches on this one!

Can hear the motors revving up
and those rusty gears starting to move...

somebody send me a PM when it's time to mail it
I'm gonna go take a nap...

"the Over-ripe Shrunken Head"
ink,sharpie and colored pencil on watercolor paper
12 x 16" or so...

i wanted to give this fellah a frankenstein meets saggy baggy elephant rotting face look
with feathers!


Extreme Close-up!

Very nice Kinny (if nice is an adjective you would use for a rotting shrunken head :lol: )

Here's an idea for Perry or one of the other jewelry makers:

This is a 3 pound jewel encrusted gold head Marquis Daniels (NBA Celtics) had made of himself


Nice details little lost, You have that 'pusshead' crosshatching going on. (You know who he is right?)

Could be the Metallica 'voodoo' cd cover. If they had a 'voodoo cd' and pusshead didn't do the artwork.

Mike - I like that shrunken head pendant - nice idea. Made me go looking for OTHER ideas - so, without further ado, I give you:



and funny!

I really do have to give that person kudos for at least going outside the box for a new topic to knit!

:Progress update

moving right along huh?

[ Edited by: TIKIVILLE 2010-03-01 12:07 ]

beadtiki, that's awesome. Never imagined I'd see a knitted shrunken head. You should post that to some knitting forums, bet you'd get some great responses :)

Getting some good details in there TIKIVILLE,

That hand looks so realistic MadDog, is that a cast of your hand? I'm curious too, are you using plaster strips? I heard that was good for making a nice hard shell. I'm working with paper mache and getting it to be real hard is a bit tough... that fabric might be hard to get finer details though... not that I'm getting fine detail with paper.

[ Edited by: Badd Tiki 2010-02-26 12:24 ]


Ohhh - I hope you didn't think I knit that head! I just found it out here on the net. I'm actually NOT that creative! LOL

Aw man!
bead PUNK'D everyone!


A progress shot of my shrunken tiki head suprise item. Not happy with #2 so far so it won't be a set, but it's twice as big as I originally intended so that'll make up for it.

Still need to finish the shape, paper mache it, paint it.

[ Edited by: Badd Tiki 2010-02-28 10:01 ]


Started work on 'little mo-mo'...



Dammit! I can't resist! I'm supposed to be cranking away on stuff for Tiki Oasis, but I may set aside some time for a little piece of Head Hunter love. I mean, how could anyone pass this theme by? I'm not promising anything, but I'll try to get something done in time.


I'm in, swaps are too much fun to miss. Wendy


I'm In Again, so I better get to brainstormin'......

Step by step. I'd sure like to see more photos posted. Wendy

Well no photos yet but here's my "artists rendition" of what my mug MAY look like, done using the Little Lost Tiki Tutorial


That would deserve a drink created just for it.

'The Brain Drain' maybe.

Nice work on the bamboo dan

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TikiG posted on Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:55 AM

Started my shrunken head project last weekend - here's a pic that's just a tease...

...a long way to go but it should turn out pretty cool. G

Now we're cookin. More photos more fun. Wendy


Little mo-mo's growing up!



I'm in!

Here's a small cardboard piece (approx 5" sq.) from a recent show which sold for $20.
Those little black lines are upholstery thread.
The "bone" is a chopstick.

Got some crazy all new ideas on my bench...have been making shrunken heads for many years- one of my favorites!!

[ Edited by: amybean 2010-03-05 16:22 ]

The more photos the more interest and more contributors to the swap. Hurray Hewey, thank you for another terrific swap. Lots of creepy heads.

The frame is painted and ready for art. Wendy

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Liking the shrunken heads so much I'm making one for myself!

Oh, and...bump.


Bumpitty bump


Update, taking shape but ran out of tape. SO I still need to add a little bit of shape but figured a base coat of paper wouldn't hurt while I had time.

I can see the shrunken head but it also looks like it could be a cool guitar. This should be a really fun one to watch. Wendy


Alot smaller than a guitar, but on a similar note :wink:

Who else is in?
Next Step.

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