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Garden Idol - Revised digital painting of a mural I painted on my friend's bathroom wall.

My main page image that I am currently revising...even now I see some perspective problems that I have not quite worked out yet...but hey! it's all about the process, maaaaaaan!

Digital revision of a piece I did for a C'Al fundraiser.

What can I say? It's Lee Freakin' Marvin! He's so cool he doesn't need to be a tiki! It is still a sketch at this point but I like the energy in it.

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that's cool. looks to me like a children's book illustration. i dig it. helps me think more about a project i've got on hold! thanks for showing.

thanks greentikipat...that's a cool reference, I really appreciate it! I really dig creating spooky, mysterious pieces...nothing obvious but something unsettling about this place!


The volcano in moonlight is truly hypnotic. And who can forget Lee Marvin singing Happy Birthday in "Cat Ballou"?


I like the texture on the moai. I can almost feel the coarseness!

Tabu posted on Thu, Mar 22, 2007 5:12 PM

The lighting and the muted greens on the first tiki mural give it a really nice vintage feel. I likes that moai too.

hewey posted on Thu, Mar 22, 2007 7:32 PM

Diggin this in a big way! :D

Ooooh...the Garden Idol and the Volcano are kickin'!!! Very nice indeed. :)

I'm all over Lee Freakin' Marvin!

I'm with Hewey. I really dig that volcano. The lighting is kicking!

Thanks a lot for all of the nice words! Here's another that was started on canvas and is now getting some much needed revising. I'm going after a "Hardy Boys" novel cover look!

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Oh that is REEALLY cool! Hardy boys, and kinda Jonny Quest too! Awesome and atmospheric!

Nice work indeed! Love the Lee Marvin, the Volcano...all of it really.

Paipo posted on Sun, Mar 25, 2007 6:08 PM

On 2007-03-25 16:14, Tiki Shark Art wrote:
Oh that is REEALLY cool! Hardy boys, and kinda Jonny Quest too! Awesome and atmospheric!

Damn, you stole my adjective! But yeah, these have plenty of atmosphere - good tiki art should create a mood and these certainly succeed!

Great work!
Loving the very first one you posted and the "Hardy Boys" Tiki! I can just hear the fire crackling off to the right and the waves softly lapping on the shore! A lot of power and mood in that one!
Right on! You live in SoCal? Where you been hiding? :)

Thanks a lot everybody! I'm very pleased with the responses..in particular, the reactions to the atmosphere because that's what I'm all about! Well, I haven't been hiding so much as playing the hermit! I was at Tiki Oasis 3,4, and 5 and have shown my art around town but have played my seclusion card for quite some time. I have, however, been lurking around a bit more lately!
Here's a new one in progress. Once again, I did a large portion of it on canvas but am taking it to a finish digitally. Still playing with it a bit!

[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2007-05-18 01:21 ]


Ditto what's been said about atmosphere, the soft texture on this one reminds me of black velvet. I hope to see more of your work, especially since your process from paint to digital is evolving in an interesting way.

Keep it real-damn-diculous,

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Here's one that, once again, was started on canvas and seriously altered digitally. There are a few areas that need to be fleshed out and defined but I'm liking my return to looser painting. Hope you do as well!

Mystery Pond

Classic! Again you nailed it with the mood! Abd the drinks in the foreground and the perfect spout of water that tiki's spitting out! Man! Would I like a ticket there for a Holiday retreat!
Wonderful work!

Really appreciate it LLT! The more I think about it, the more I realize that I paint images of exotica, not tiki.....meaning: you can have tiki without exotica, but you can't have exotica without tiki. Does that make sense? I think I am drawn more to exotica culture: the quiet mystery.......rather than tiki culture which includes a much larger spectrum of influences. They are great and I love the other elements but, when it comes right down to it, I am attracted to exotica and it is reflected in my images ( I hope!)

This was originally an oil that I am really revamping right now

man, this stuff is really kicking ass! the hardy boys piece would be an amazing menu cover. i love the energy in all of these. awesome work, man!

kirby posted on Fri, Apr 13, 2007 7:43 PM

still off the chain homie...I love your style...

GROG posted on Fri, Apr 13, 2007 9:36 PM

Good stuff. GROG like.

On 2007-04-13 21:36, GROG wrote:
Good stuff. GROG like.

Grog meant,

Arrrrr-some she-at!!!!

Bamboo Like Too!!!

Gentlemen, I tip my fez in humble gratitude! Your reactions and responses have served as creative fuel and I am very much appreciative!

Cloudburst at Sunset
another Lucas inspired tiki painting "special edition" Oil/Digital hybrid!

This is a great series of paintings. Very ethereal. I can definitely see you doing these as murals for bars like u did for your friends W.C.


hewey posted on Mon, Apr 16, 2007 5:29 PM

Really liking these. Love that shot through the vallery and the guy holding the skull :D

OOOOH....I am so liking these....great mood indeed...very playful. Getting even better. PM coming your way. :)

I'm really floored everybody...it's the references to classic menus and murals that chokes me up a bit! Those are the pieces that really inspire me (those and the Hardy Boys / Afred Hitchcock mystery books of course!) I've been obsessing over this piece for a while..here I come with another variation for your amusements! Try to play "notice the odd choice of changes he made"! I'm sure I'll keep messin' with it....light the torches again..who knows!
![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/mystery island 2.jpg)
"The Mystery Boys and the Mystery of Mysterious Island"

Here is a piece in a rougher sketch phase. "Cloudburst at Sunset 2"
![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/sentinel 2.jpg)

SWEET! I love your sense of color and lighting! Very dramatic! .................and very mysterious!

Thanks a lot TSA! Once again, I am humbled! I think that working backgrounds in animation for many years has affected my palette to an extent. And just because I just can't let things go, here is another update of my "Mystery Island" painting! I really need to walk away from this one and revisit it later! I'm like fricken' George Lucas! I can't keep my hands off my older pieces! I'm always tweaking or fixing something! The digital age is a blessing and a curse! haha!
![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/mystery island 4.jpg)

very very nice!

![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/mystery island 5.jpg)
OK, even I am getting tired of this one........but I am obsessed!

I like it! ALOT! The smoke on the front volcano looks much more realistic now. Now try the one on the right. Maybe you could use a less heavy spray brush or maybe just change the weight of it.

Wowza!!! You are crankin' out some A-1 creative sauce their Suburbz! Very moody and hypnotical. Way diggin what you are put down on the canvas cuzzin!


Thanks tikitammy! This piece has evolved quite a bit and I'm sure it will keep on taking me down a road of discovery!
CHONGOLIO! If not but for your Coconut Wired and Vegas Vic's Tiki Lounge, I would not be so inspired in my late night creative sessions! Gets me in an exotica mood that helps transport me to these places! Your art has been most ripping Chongo bruddah! Here's an update of one I posted recently but felt it really lacked some visual interest so I had to have another go at it! I'll be adding some flora as well.
![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/mystery 2.jpg)

[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2007-04-26 16:49 ]

Really nice! It's all about the lighting baby!


Luv'n the work SP. Your looser style works great. I always admire those who can capture the essence of an image with everything that need to be said and leaves the rest of the story to the imagination. An ability I have yet to arrive at. Great lighting , as said prior. and Lee Marvin, well there there's no denying the dude's credentials. 'The ultimate mans man' especially in those old war movies. nice work , More power to ya.

On 2007-04-26 13:31, suburbanpagan wrote:
![](http://www.thetackytiki.com/mystery island 5.jpg)
OK, even I am getting tired of this one........but I am obsessed!

Then may I suggest to finish this painting you take it to the next stage, I think Tiki Shark Art is on the right ground when they said..

It's all about the lighting baby!

Have a look at this August Holland Print that was recently sold on ebay HERE and then this DIY project HEREand i think you can work out how you can finish that image.

[ Edited by: atomictonytiki 2007-04-29 07:54 ]

Limey! Coming from a master such as yourself, I am filled with gratitude! I love to work quickly and I dig it when the paint strokes do the work for me! I find that a quick approach works best for me...almost a zen "first thought, best thought" approach. It is evident in the piece that is not working as well as I'd like: the overworked mysterious island painting. I was telling Kirby that it is now really a dropcloth for ideas and a testing ground for compostional concepts and rendering techniques, so I am learning much more about how I want to my pieces to speak for me! Thanks again!
Atomictonytiki: thanks for the reference! That is an awesome piece and I'm glad you relate it with my style! Not sure if will help me to wrap things up or open a whole new can of inspirational artistic worms! (I'm hoping for the latter!)

That's a fine piece! I'm especially into the way you painted the sky there. It's all top notch, but the look of the sky is something I really admire. It really has a retro feel to it.... Very cool!

Hey Sam! Thanks! I really dig the illustation style of the period so I'm glad it's reflecting here and there in my stuff! Glad you like!

"A Momentary Lapse by the Fountain"

[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2007-05-01 01:49 ]

I like this one a lot too!

i don't think you can create a bad piece! :)
The lighting,stone wall texture,and especially the water! Very nice pallettes too!
Keep up the good work! Where in SoCal do you live?

Aloha Pagan, I just love your art. Creating tiki to me is a lot about creating the atmosphere (there, I stole the word too, ha ha). Your style nails it! Keep up the fantastic work.

Mrs Hoptiki


I DIG the "Lapse" painting! Reminds me of those white fountains at some apartment bldg's in "The Book". I like how u handled the luminescent water too. :drink:


kctiki posted on Tue, May 1, 2007 4:07 PM

The fact that we can only see part of the fountain only makes this scene all the more intriguing.

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