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Aloha Friends!
I will post all of my Tiki work here in a semi-chronological order...
There are soooooo many of them that i will post new ones every couple of days until caught up!
Viewing this as a chance to clean up the art files at the homefront
i will be thanking you all by posting studies/sketches/never before seen artwork and concepts
to accompany certain pieces....As well as sharing pieces that got lost in the pile....
Feel free to ask any kind of question about the work here...
BUT.....if it's a HOW to question
Ask it in the Other Crafts thread
and i may produce a photo tutorial JUST FOR YOU! :)

All pieces here will be listed as such...
Title-medium (acrylic on canvas...etc)
No sizes unless i remember...
underneath all of that
if there is "private collection"
it means it was either bought
or i love it so much i kept it
or the wife snagged it...
I will also indicate if it was a commissioned work...
That being said
If there's anything you'd like to adopt
that doesn't say "private collection"
PM me and I'll track it down....

Thank you Hanford for giving us arteestos a place to hang and geek out!
and Welcome to little lost tiki's Gallery of Wonder and Merriment!
er Mystery!

(of course, as i create new work, i will post it on it's own
and later categorize it into its category at a later date)


PAGE ONE-all the art from pages 1-10 of my OTHER CRAFTS thread

PAGE TWO-all the art from pages 11-14 of my OTHER CRAFTS thread

AND all the art from page15 of my OTHER CRAFTS thread
(i will categorize the art from PAGES 1 and 2 when i get time)










"Moai Morning" "Moonlight Rower" "Flower guardians" "Happy Dance"
"Maori Bowl" "Pufferfish and Bubbles" "the Afternoon Stroll" "Going Home"
"Three Dancers" "Maori""Dawn Drummer" "New Guinea Afternoon" "Twin Cannibal Bowl"
"Twin Dish" "Baby Cannibal" "Celebration""Happy Face" "Island Vista 1" "Island Vista 2"
"Ku""Moai" "Happy Totem" "Maori Angel of Judgment" "InsoMOAIc""Dream of the Agiba Skullrack" "Summer""Village" "the Volcano Speaks" "Tribe""Mojave Oasis" "Four Cannibals"







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from page one
(sorry! i have to do this so i can keep track of what page i'm transferring from...)

"Arrival of the Pineapple King"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas
6 x 4'
private collection

Here's the sketchbook study for it..

"Tikis visit Butterfly Island"
acrylic and paintpen on 5 foot metal butterfly sculpture
(painted for KOCE's Butterfly Initiative)
private collection

here it is outside during the exhibition..

the underside...

and here's a special never-before-seen peek into the original studies i used for
submission into this event....

"Fire and Water Surfboard"
acrylic and paintpen on old surfboard
private collection (i think....)

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page two

"Occupants of the happy Hut"
sumi ink on watercolor paper

"Night parade"
sumi ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper

"Koa and the Magic helmet"
ink on watercolor paper

"Green Village
ink,bleach stain,sharpie,and colored pencil on watercolor paper
private collection

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From the beginning....standing by................

Thank you for your patience,Vampiress!

page 3
"Tiki with spear"
private collection
gouache/black and gold ink on gessoed wooden plaque
(i mixed the gouache into the gesso while wet and swirled it around to get the background texture)

"Tropical Paradise-for Terrill"
Ink and Oil-based Paintpen on Canvas
private collection

"the Evening Visit"
gouache and colored pencil on gessoed board

"the Meeting Hut" 4x6'
acrylic and paintpen on canvas
(this one is currently hanging in the offices of Tiki Farm while awaiting an owner! JOY!)

Here's a shot of yours truly with the painting to give you an idea of scale...

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page four...
the saga continues...

"the Family Tree"
gouache and ink on gessoed wood plaque
private collection

"Green Warrior"
acrylic and paintpen on gessoed skimboard
2 x 3.5'
private collection

"the Visit"
also titled "Butterfly at the Door"
ink and paintpen on gessoed canvas
private collection

"Blue Tiki"
gouache and ink on gessoed wood thrift store find
private collection

page five...

"Blue Hawaii"
gouache and gold ink on gessoed board
hand-embellished frame
private collection

"Litle Lost Tiki Listening to the Fishe's Song"
gouache on gessoed wood
private collection

"the Sun visits the Happy Hut"
gouache on canvas
private collection

"Tiki Curing a Headache"
acrylic and paintpen on wood
private collection

"Tropical Night with Butterflies"
acrylic and paintpen on gessoed round wood
private collection

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page six

"Battle of the Fish"
gouache,ink,and gold puff paint on canvas

Tikifarm Color yourself poster
sharpie on poster board
(project never fully realized)
We were planning on printing these on heavy stock with flocking for the black...
maybe someday...

the idea was to do four of these
each with a different theme....
Started this piece after the first
it remains unfinished even today...
"Tiki Luau"

and here's some sketches and concepts for the luau piece
dug up from dusty old sketchbooks...
Thought it would be fun to share some of the idea stuff
before it gets polished!

"Moon awakens a Tiki"
acrylic and paintpen on board
private collection

"Stained Glass Butterfly"
private collection
acrylic and paintpen on wood

"Stained Glass Sea Monster"
private collection
acrylic and paintpen on canvas

"the Acrobats"
private collection
ink and sharpie on watercolor paper

Here are some pages from a limited edition book i produced a while back called
"About 500 Tikis"
here are some sample pages from the tons of sketchbook drawings assembled to make this book...

"Flower Warrior"
acrylic and paintpen on wooden plaque
private collection

"Smiling Tiki"
ink on watercolor paper

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Very kool Kenny man you,v been workin it up !

Thanks for the visit Jymmy!
I'm just reposting everything from the Other Crafts thread
and any other little tidbits that may float by...
When are you gonna showcase some of your art in the new Gallery section,man?

page seven

"Tiki with a hole in it's Head"
paintpen on found wooden tray
private collection

"Tiki of the Green Flames"
acrylic,paintpen and found object on wood

"Tiki Soldier"
gouache on thick wood plaque

"the Travelling Throne"
ink and tissue paper stain on watercolor paper

"the Trio"
ink sharpie and gold paintpen on watercolor paper

Alsoit was around this time (on page 7) when the First LLT Coloring Book was built!
Here's a few pages from that first one....

"the Marquesan's Short-Lived meal"

"Bad mannered Tiki"

I know im workin on it, Man the Butterfly wings Very Very nice Great Tattoo im thinkin Back Design . Very kool !

shush jymmy! get back to postin! i wanna seeeee!

pagina ocho

"the Elephant's Secret"
acrylic/paintpen/carandache crayon on canvas

"The Evening Visit"
gouache and water-soluble pencils on board
private collection

"Village at Dawn-or Dusk"
pen and ink on watercolor paper(Arches,of course...)
private collection

"the Marquesan's Short-lived Meal"
pen and ink on watercolor paper
private collection...i think...lemme double check!

"the Scribe"
pen and ink on watercolor paper

"The Volcano Awakens"
private collection
gouache on gessoed panel.

this one is my very very first Pineapple King painting!
"the King returns from the Volcano"
gouache on gessoed panel.

"Arrival of the Ancient One"
gouache on gessoed burlap.Great texture to paint on!

page nine!

"Three faces"
ink/colored pencil on watercolor paper.
This piece inspired the three Tiki farm mugs Oli-Oli, Kakaka,and Pupule

"Battle of the Fishes (Green)"
sumi ink on watercolor paper

"the Herald"
gouache on gessoed wood

"One of the Four living creatures around the throne of God"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas

"One of the Four living creatures around the throne of God"
ink and sharpie on watercolor paper

sorry about the non-tiki stuff...
I'm just following as closly as possible
the original order of the Other crafts pages and their content...
Hopefully,you will find it as amusing as i find it interesting...

"the Ancient One"
gouache and gold ink on canvas
private collection

"the Cannibal"
gouache on gessoed wooden thing

here's the victim in his mouth...

and some of the original studies....

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page ten
and then it's sleepytime...

tee shirt design for the Rell Sunn Menehune Surf Contest
sharpie and marker
the version shown is colored up in the computer

fabric print designs
"Tiki Tapa"
gouache and ink on watercolor paper
"Tiki Island"
gouache and ink on watercolor paper

"Occupants of the Happy Hut"
gouache and ink on canvas
private collection

gouache on canvas
private collection

and the study for it...


WOW Kinny, it's gonna be a LONG nite I can see that coming. You have SO Much stuff to post,C'mon, Get busy :o :lol:

Benzart is right Wow! We are spending a lot of time with Kingstiedye and we are enjoying all of your art hanging in his new tiki room. Wendy and Dan

Mysteriously wonderful, DOOD.

GROG posted on Wed, Feb 24, 2010 1:16 PM

GROG envy you. You enjoy doing your art, and you're anxious to get in the studio and crank out more.

GROG only remember the pain and frustration GROG feel when creating art, and GROG put off doing it. And, when GROG finish a piece, it's less of a sense of accomplishment and more of a sense of relief that the damned thing is finished. The only thing that make it worthwhile to GROG is if the art bring joy to others. That why GROG wanted to be an animator--to create art that was entertaining.

GROG really glad for you that you enjoy creating your art and that it bring joy to you as well as others.

Keep up the good work, you lucky bastard.

TikiG posted on Wed, Feb 24, 2010 1:48 PM


Awesome catalog. These pieces are just SO much better in person although the frantic energy still explodes off the 'puter screen, natch.

But - I must say - and please entertain this request - it would be groovy for me to see your piece "After Hours" posted here - if only for me to see 'private collection' attached to it :wink: I liken that to a badge of honor (for us mortals) my friend...

Exploding with such creative energy!
Love your different styles and vision!
So great to see them all here Maestro Ken!

I think I recognize the Green Village!
Oh! and don't forget this LLT original!

Patience....Patience Folks!
i have files and files and pages and pages (159 of them) to document and keep track of...
That paintied Shag mug is on the list,Chris,as are TikiG's drawing and everything else....
Please....i know you're all impatient to see "your" piece displayed,but wait,so i can post them in the order of the other Crafts post...Chronologically!

That Shag mug has to wait for a couple more mugs to be painted first...
so quit confusing me and posting my art on here....
Try painting 3-400 pieces.art objects
then try to check them off while you repost them...
THEN have some soccertikiless joker attempt to help...
Not a good thing....
thanks for your cooperation!


Kinny, there is no way one can just scroll down fast and get to the end of each page. Your work is so complicated and colorful and interesting, it is so alive and full of motion. I find myself stopping at each picture and looking all over it and each time I find something new I never noticed before. I particularly like all the color combination.

Benzart-in time,my friend...Where's that benzart gallery,hmmmm?
Wendy-give you and Dan and KTD a biiiig ol' hug! he DOES have a great collection od soooo many artists!
GROG-i hope someday that art can bring you such joy...i AM a lucky bastard!
TikiG-like i told Soccertiki....in time...in time!
159 pages is a loooot of ground to cover....

Jason-what are we doing hanging around these galleries? let's go group hug Bruno!

Chris-when i get to the painted Shag mug,i'll post the studies for it as well....

hiltiki-Well i hope this gallery will bring you hours and years of enjoyment.
i think all the details are mainly to
1)keep me from getting bored
2)makes the "world" on canvas more real!
Thanks to y'alls for the niceities!

page 11

"Big Kahuna's with Feast"
sumi ink on sketchbook paper

This one turned into a more developed drawing...
"Big Kahuna's with Feast"
ink on watercolor paper

"Tattooed Cryer"
sumi ink on sketchbook paper

"The Feeding Frenzy"
pen and ink on sketchbook paper

"Cannibal Tiki with Trophy"
pen and ink on sketchbook paper

"the Cannibal Shields"
pen and ink on sketchbook paper

this piece reinforced the cannibal theme
as well as start the whole shield PNG thing that appears in many paintings...

"Running Big -Masked Warrior
pen and ink on sketchbook paper

"the Visit"
gouache on wood
private collection

Land of Pele (Pompele)
here's the beginning with just ink splashies on canvas

Here is a sketchbook study of the original concept

here's the finished piece...

Land of Pele (Pompele)
acrylic,ink,and paintpen on canvas

starting on page 11 of my little lost tiki other crafts thread is a step-by-step of this piece..
but I'm just gonna put some more of the studies here that i worked on
during the painting of this for you to compare and contrast....
i'm not going to bother with titles
as you can read them on the bottom of the pages..
they are all pen and ink and sometimes marker....


Oh this is going to be so cool seeing all your tiki related work in one place...man, you have a TON of digging and posting to do...all I can say is "EPIC"

even at kinny's manic pace, i wonder how long this project will take? so much good stuff! i'm glad a few are mine.

[ Edited by: kingstiedye 2010-02-25 09:09 ]

Babalu.... Bullet.....i loves you guys! :)

page 12

"the Melee"
acrylic and ink on wood
private collection

"Red Drummer"
gouache,and ink on wood
private collection

"the Celebration"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas

studies for wooden thingies from Squid

[ Edited by: little lost tiki 2010-02-28 09:16 ]

page 13
mostly just progress on Pompele...
and this study for a...
"Cannibal Mug"
ink on sketchbook paper

page 14
"Tiki Totem"
first version

"Tiki Totem"-final version
acrylic and paintpen on wood
private collection

"the House of Good Fortune"
acylic and paintpen on canvas

page 15

"the Cannibal's Collection"
pen an ink on paper with a hand-embellished frame

You know WHAT!?!?!?
This is really time-consuming and EXHAUSTING!
So here's a what I'm gonna do....
Every few days i will grab a bunch of work from
the voluminous files of Tiki Art documented on my HD
and post them...
willy-nilly and all that!
Then i will check them off my list
until they are ALL posted!

Because going back to the Other Crafts post
noting all the pieces for that page
then hunting my art files for better copies
is a terrific waste of time
especially for a man with
painting on his mind....
Who knows what the next post will bring?
next time may be sketches/hand-embellished mugs/painted monkeypods/Cannibals/shrunken heads/surfboards
whatever strikes my fancy
til they're all up to Inspire and Amaze you!

so for today.....
I will be sharing WOODBURNS!
About a year or so ago...
a very good friend of mine sent me a professional Colwood WoodBurning set
so i wouldn't burn down the studio with my 99 cent store kit
here are some of the results.....

"Cannibal Drummer"
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection

"Happy Drummer"
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection

"Happy Tapa Man"
woodburn and ink on wood

"Maori Woodburn"
woodburn and ink on wood

"Night and the Tiki"
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection....i think!

woodburn and ink on wood
private collection

"the Curiosity" or "the Oddity"
forgot the actual title...it's one of those...
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection

"Sunny Day"
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection
This wood wasn't as receptive to the woodburning...

"the Warm Aloha"
woodburn and ink on wood

"Tiki Totem"
woodburn and ink on wood

"Tropical Night"
woodburn and ink on wood
private collection

[ Edited by: little lost tiki 2011-01-21 10:48 ]

Did somebody say MANDALAS!?!?!

Here i was.. all ready for the studio today
and somebody whispers "mandalas"....

So here goes...
All of the Tiki mandala series....so far!

"Guardians of the plumeria"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas
private collection


the original inspiration for "Guardians of the Plumeria"

the Sun greeters
acrylic and paintpen on canvas


"Tiki Surf mandala-wave"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas
private collection


"Tiki Surf mandala-night"
acrylic and paintpen on canvas
this one is currently for sale on Gecko's site...
go get it!

"Tiki Mandala"
tissue paper stain/ink/acrylic and paintpen on canvas
private collection


and just some more studies of future ones...

very kool Kenny sunny day & warm aloha Very nice .

Wow Kinny Wow, What can be said more than that has already been said. Your imagination, absolute mastering of your medium and obvious focus on your art is inspiring, and quite humbling to myself. There is so much in that head of yours, its exciting to see the next new piece as it develops. Looking forward to the day I can put one on my wall for my friends to enjoy and admire. Keep up the amazing work.

Thanks a bunch
jp and jymmy!

Seeing as I'm a waitin here
before goin to the studio..
i think I'll post some.......

"Fire and Water Surfboard"
acrylic and paintpen on old surfboard
private collection


"Guardians of the Porthole"
acrylic and paintpen on old 9-foot surfboard!




"Wooden Tiki Surfborg"
acrylic and paintpen on old surfboard
private collection



and lastly
my oldest surfboard piece
"Squid vs Octopus/Mechanical Seahorse"
acrylic and paintpen on surfboard
private collection
of an individual who should really study and master tentacles and bubbles!

and lastly...some more studies..

That's it!
I will post more finished surfboards here as they're painted!


dayum! them "fire","water" and "Portholes" boards are GENIUS!!!

Thanks Toe!
Your Lies and deceit are welcome here anytime!

okay! This is some BRAND SPANKING NEW WORK
POSTED HERE like it should be!
Any questions....direct them to my "Other Crafts" thread!

"Tiki of Volcano bay"
tissue paper stain/ink/colored pencil on Watercolor paper


"Skeletal Moai"
tissue paper stain/ink/colored pencil on Watercolor paper
inspired by the Death Tarot drawing from the Freaky Boutiki show...


tissue paper stain/ink/colored pencil on Watercolor paper


"the Cannibal's Treat"
ink/colored pencil on Watercolor paper
private collection

for a HOW-TO on this piece
go to my Other Crafts thread,please!


Check in again soon for even more NEW stuff!


[ Edited by: little lost tiki 2010-07-09 21:38 ]


Great compilation of your work LLT. Diving into this thread is like
going into a candy store after a year-long diet. Well, it's not exactly
like that, I'm sure Grog could say it better, but it's all pretty cool.

Mahalos man!
it IS kinda like a candy store
except this art rots your brain
not your teefus! :)

Here's two new ones
fresh outta the oven!

"the Ancestor Returns"
Cel vinyl and acrylic on masonite

This one is my second attempt for the Poly-Blend art show
at Harold Golen's gallery during Hukilau...
the theme is the PolyPop in it's many other guises
(Cuban-Nautical-the Dark Continent,etc....)
so i choo-choosed Africa!

Second piece just finished last night
"Jungle Drums"
Cel vinyl and acrylic on masonite

That's all! Bye!Bye!


I enjoyed your latest posts! What was it like "painting" with the wood burner? I played around with one but I didn't know what to "draw" so I put it away! Obviously not my preferred medium!


What a great gallery! you are so productive, i love your work and style, really really :)

Woodburning is great FUN! A dear friend sent me a Colwood Wood Burner with a few different tips
iou can adjust the heat level and get it so hot it melts the wood like butter! So basically,it burns the wood as fast as you normally sketch or draw!
Just don't do it for too long...smellin all that burning wood for over 2-3 hours can give you a headache! and it's pretty simple....
just sketch the design on wood lightly then go over those lines with the woodburner...TADA!
I'll do a step-by-step of some woodburning in my Other Crafts thread!

Gracias mi Hermana de Arte! Did i say that right? :)
It's soooo fantastic to have so many art brothers and sisters to create and learn and share with!

Thank you both for leaving some thoughts and all you others who just like to visit! :)

Well today will be a display of ALL or most of my "mug" stuff....
Myself... I'm more a 2-D guy...as you can see from the objects that i attempted to sculpt...
"LLT #1 Mug"
private collection

"Babalu/LLT Mug collaboration"

it took a while,but i discovered that embellishing existing objects/mugs was my strength
whereas sculpting them myselves ends up looking like a Monkey with claw hands created it...
for example...Here's a Huge Platter that Babalu sculpted in it's entirety...
He left the middle open for a lil sumthin sumthin....
See what i mean? Collabs are the BEST!

"Babalu/LLT Platter Collaboration"

"Maori Povich"
Squid Luau Piggy with Kinny carved embellishment
private collection

Here's a collaboration ONTO a collaboration!
Paipo's Moai Tangata Manumug sculpted by Gecko
and hand-embellishedon the bisque by yours truly..

here's the studies for it...

and here it is...

Here's an embellished bisque TikiFarm mug sculpted by Squiddles for a DNA gallery show...
"Tiki of Inspiration"
private collection

Here's another embellished bisque TikiFarm decanter sculpted by Squiddles based on a Flounder design for a DNA gallery show...
"the Exploration Party"
private collection

and here's the studies for it...

Herer's four Tikifarm mugs from a batch that Holden donated for my "Talking palms and Pineapple kings" show
We put a special waterslide decal on it to commemorate that exhibition..
These are four that i embellished ...
private collection

"Keeper of the Flame""
private collection

private collection

private collection

Here's the studies and final result of Oli-Oli, Kakaka,and Pupule Tiki Farm mugs sculpted by Squid and designed by yours truly...

Original Study

initial sketch for Squids to work from

initial sketch for Squids to work from

initial sketch for Squids to work from

and a drawing based on the three original faces
"Oli-Oli,Kakaka,and Pupule"
ink,sharpie,and colored pencil on paper

i have 9x12 signed prints of this if you're interested...

Here's a Black Glazed test version of the Kakaka mug that Holden gave me to embellish for a friend....

here's an embellished bisque of Squid's "Uncle Shrunkle"
renamed... "Moko the Clown"
a poor clown stumbles onto a headhunter's village with expected results....

without his "yarn" wig

Also painted up a SHAG Enchanted Tiki Room bisque mug for a good friend

Here's the study for it... Tried to keep the original integrity/purpose of the mug but still give it some new life...

Found these shots where they weren't supposed to be!
"the Greeting"
Paintpen and puffpaint on glazed mug
private collection

"Peewee Kiwi"
private collection
hand-embellished Kewpie from who else? Squids!
that boy finds the coolest stuff..

and lastly,but not leastly
as there's more i have to track down...

Here's just some concept sketches for future mugs...

Thanks for visiting!
More Excitement Later!

[ Edited by: little lost tiki 2010-03-25 18:26 ]


I thought that my pig was Maori Povich!

sorry Murphdog.....
i lose track...
That was 200 pieces ago....

the other one had a clever name too.....
but i guess i fergot it.....
Thanks for posting the REAL MAORI POVICH!

Anyone know the name of the other one?

Wow! Incredible output of creative 3D art there LLT!
Those surf board are (to quote the great Huell Howser)
“That’s Amayyyzing!”


Babalu posted on Mon, Mar 8, 2010 8:52 AM

NICE mugs Kinny! I hadn't seen some of these...choice brother.

I still have to put my hands on that one Oasis demo hanging platter you posted...there is still another level of stuff we need to add to it yet. It looks great as is though! I can't wait to see it in person. If you see squid, maybe you could pass it along? That might be one way of getting it down here?

Nice work man. The butterfly painted sculpture is way cool.

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