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Ben est là's stuff: 03/24 Creative Chimps' masterpiece in Paris !

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with all of you my first tiki in moai style. He is still in progress and i would like to know about your critics (good or bad of course) to empower (if it is possible) my style.

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heeeey welcome! looks great by the way. its gonna be a real piece when its finished. great job and good luck on future pieces


Much better than my first Tiki. Now we have to get you addicted to tools. Lots and lots of expensive tools.
You don't know what you've gotten yourself into, do you?
Great fun!


Yes, Good for a first start. Just what it takes to get bit by the tiki bug. YOU'VE Been Bitten!


I remember carving my first few (some that didn't survive because of my choices of wood) that I was very proud of ! You should be too! This is a fine example of ones first carve. Nice start indeed. Now, finish him up. and post pics as soon as possible!

How do you say Mahalo in French?




Salut benella, ton Tiki est trés charmant! Trés, trés bon!

The other guys are realy right, it´s a great start for the first carving.
It´s better than mine! I carved a moai too. It´s a great Tiki form to start,
but I think your one looks better.

My college Michael (ramba-zamba) also admired your Tiki.

Especially I like the difference between the carved geometrical parts and the natural parts. Now I´m looking forward to see, how you will create the niceties!
What kind of wood do you use and?
What will you do with the bulge on his back? Will you cut it away?
Please, show us the next progress pictures of your moai.
Keep up the good work, we want to see more!

McTiki, "Mahalo" I think it´s something like "haute estime".



Tiki Duddy: thanks for your compliments.

Hello Tiki: You are damn right: i am dreaming of lots of expensive (and very expensive) tools!

Benzart: it's a great honor to know from you that it's a good start: i've been bitten!

McTiki: Thanks for your encouragements.
Mahalo in french is "haute estime" as said Haikai but it's unfortunately never used.

Haikai: Danke schön für deine Komplimente!
I use small leaved lime that I found in my mother's garden.
I think i will let the bulge because it could be special and it will be better for the weight equilibrium.

New pics are coming 'cause the guy is changing.




Some news after his nose and mouth plastic surgery !!!




Salut Benella, I think your little fellow will get perfect!


Danke schön Hai Ka.

I have not taken pictures of his back because i'm preparing a little surprise :wink:


Ben, he's really looking good. I Love surprises.
What is that tool shown there? is it a power chisel? Would you show pictures of the whole thing?..


Hello Benzart,

The tool that is shown is a single use gouge (only the blade is for single use!). I 've got this tool because of my job: i am a podologist. This gouge blade exists in different numbers N°1 to N°20 i think (1 the smallest and 20 the biggest) The one i use is a N°10. I will post pics of that tool soon. Sorry if i disappointed you :wink:




On 2006-11-14 01:47, benella wrote:
The tool that is shown is a single use gouge ...I 've got this tool because of my job: i am a podologist. This gouge blade exists in different numbers N°1 to N°20 i think (1 the smallest and 20 the biggest) The one i use is a N°10. .

What's a podologist? I yahooed it and it says "one who podcasts" (try it) and I couldn't figure out how a gouge would be used in podcasting.

Great tiki, I don't think you need any criticism you look like you are on the right track. That kind of tiki is tough, but you have a great personal style of it.



Thank you JP for such nice words.

In France it is podologue and I thought it were podologist in USA. In fact, I cure the people who have feetache or footache.

It is a double job because i heal them by cutting (with a gouge or a scalpel) their damaged skins on one side (pedicurie, in France) and on the otherside i relieve their pain with orthopedical soles (podologie, in France too).
For example, a man that feels bad in his back may have an inferior member smallest than the other.

It is quite hard to explain because I'm french but i'm sure it exists in usa.



On 2006-11-15 01:14, benella wrote:
In France it is podologue and I thought it were podologist in USA. In fact, I cure the people who have feetache or footache.

Welcome Benella - The Moai is coming together nicely!

*The english translation is podiatrist. Good for you, not a job that many could handle but Im sure your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Hope you clean your tools before carving!

Ever thought of carving something into someones' foot? Some sort of toe-tem perhaps?

Ahh, a bit of humor is good for the sole! :lol:

TamaTheToe-rag :)



Tamathe Comedian, I love those toe punz, you gotta be on yer toes to think all that stuff up.
benella, no you Don't dissapoiiint, I just LOVE seeing new tools and tools improvised from other uses.



Tama- I clean my tools after curing (autoclave the same as piercing but not as the saame time!!!) but in fact it is single use gouge !
I like humor and I think i've heard every possible joke on podiatry but from New Zealand it's really fun :wink:
Thanks for your nice words.

Kroozzn62- I am glad you are back.

Benzart- I will post pics of the whole tool.

To finish: Get on the good foot !!!

Quote: "For example, a man that feels bad in his back may have an inferior member smallest than the other."

Very nice moai, too bad that guy's got an inferior member, maybe you can operate an' give him a big tiki!


To drown sorrow, where should one jump first and best? "Certainly not water. Water rusts you." -Frank Sinatra

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Hey Benella, how's the tiki coming along?
Keep us posted


Hello boys, I'm back !
I finished my moai today.
Let's share your critics (good or bad, of course).

Sneakytiki- I operated my moai because he had such a short inferior limb. Now he's got none :wink:

Yubaba- Your post comes right on time because i finished my (first) moai today.

Now, let's share:


Profile 1

Profile 2

And the surprise: his little brother with the bulge that used to be in his back:



On 2006-11-30 09:50, benella wrote:
Hello boys, I'm back !

And the surprise: his little brother with the bulge that used to be in his back:

Tama sez: Arrgh! Its 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named', aka Lord Voldemort -(have you seen the Harry Potter films? #2 I think...)

Cool Moai, the 'little brother' makes him unique & reminds me a bit of some Austral/Tuamotu Isld tikis.

Tama :)


Thanks Tama.

I have seen every Harry Potter and it is quite right that he looks like Voldem... I prefer not to say his name :)

And it is funny 'cause Voldemort means death-fly in french, i thought they would have change the name.



new stuff:

Paipo posted on Mon, Dec 4, 2006 1:40 AM

I'm not sure how I missed this - I guess there's been quite a lot of new stuff around lately. Great job on the moai, particularly the conjoined (evil?) twin on the back of his noggin. If this is your first tiki I can see you're going to have some really nice work to come...

Really nice ben! love how smooth the finish is....lots of talant there...


McTiki posted on Tue, Dec 5, 2006 3:16 AM

Very nice Moai!

Do you surf?

It's not a tumor (said in a Schwarzenegger voice)



haikai posted on Tue, Dec 5, 2006 5:53 AM

Salut Ben!
Congratulations, to your top-class first carving. I told you, if you start to post your pictures on TC, you will catch me soon. You did a realy good job on the Moai.
I´m proud of you! Le Tiki est trés charmant!
Keep it up and show us your next project.


Excellent Moai Ben, Especially for your First. Most people pray for that quality after dozens of tikis so you are WAY Ahead and speaking of heads, the evil twin is a really Cool idea, Glad you did it. Next?


Thank you all for your entries that encourage me to do my best.

Paipo- Thank you. I saw the conjoined like his conscience that can't speak ( no mouth) but thinks a lot :)

Queen Kamehameha- Thank you too. I got the smooth by sanding a lot (let's see Dr Benzart lessons) but It was not enough everywhere and then I put wax for pine wood furnitures that I found by my mom :) (thanks mom).

Mc Tiki- Thanks for the words. I unfortunetely don't surf 'cause in Paris there is no sea... but I have kept an admiration for surfers 'cause when I tried to surf I've learned that it is not as easy as when you look at videos of Kelly Slater.
The sex wax is a part christmas gifts for the husband of my wife's sister which often surfs in the summer holidays. For my part, I did a lot of skateboarding when I was 17 years old. Now I'm 25 and I know that each brocken arm would be bad for my work.

HaiKai: Danke schön für deine Komplimente. I think I am still far from catching you but it gives me Hope.
You incited me to post the pix of my moai and you were right 'cause it helps me a lot. And now, I am completely obsessed by carving.

Dr Benzart- I did not listen enough to your advice about sanding especially under the mouth, so, I've paied the price by spreading the wax but I think we don't see it clearly on the pix. :wink:
I have to add that you were such a great influence for me and that i've learned a lot by seing your daily posts. Thank you.

Thanks you all.
I'll post pix of my next project... very soon.



New stuff I'm workin' on:

Have a nice day.


haikai posted on Thu, Dec 7, 2006 1:42 AM

He looks great! Have fun and let the chips fly!


Yo Ben, This guy is looking great too. I'm envious of all this first time fun you're having! Keep up the great work.


Thanks HaiKai and Ben for your encouragements that incite me to carve more and more.



Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone i met on TC this end of 2006.


Finally I've found time to share new pics of my current work.

Happy new year!


Hey Ben, your guy is really looking great. Nice detail and excellent sanding/smoothing. I like how you left the bottom raw, like he's just emerging from the log.
Nice Job!

Bowana posted on Mon, Jan 8, 2007 9:04 PM

It's looking great, Benella! I like to see carvers get brave and make deep cuts into the wood.


Thank you Dr Benzart and Tikidav for the kind words.

Benzart- I read your post too late: I cut the raw bottom :( .
Indeed, I took the decision a bit fast but the bottom looks like a true bottom now, not like my first moai's bottom :)
For the finishing I plan even more sanding and clear coat poly :wink:

Tikidav- I love to make deep cuts in the wood, I think that the deeper it is, the better it looks like. And that's why I really love the pics you shared these days.




Like BenZ said, nice sadning/smoothing. It really makes the look and feel of it apparent, even over the internet. Nice work!


New pictures of a little guy before his clear coat poly shower :)

On first picture you'll see my tiki eating some toolz (smells like revenge):

On second pix you'll see the result before poly:

And finally what Santa Claus (with the help of my wife) brought me for christmas:

Still no clear coat poly...


I was just looking at that same tool...Nice gift!
Your work just took a BIG jump forward. Nice looking piece you made there. Keep it up Ben, it only gets a little more fun every day!



That flexcut pocket tool is great! I got one a while back. They're fun to pull out around the campfire and start a whittlin'. It also can be just the right tool for the job sometimes when other chisels/knives won't "cut" it.

There's sort of a design issue with it; you can get blades stuck down in there when you close it, if you don't do it right, then they are really hard (and DANGEROUS) to pull out. Be careful and treat it right, and it'll be fun!

Did I hear that flexcut will sharpen this tool for you for free? I thought I heard that somewhere... can anyone else verify that?


Thats a Nice Christmas present, sure we'll be seeing the results from that! That is a Awfully Nice tool you are letting that tiki chew on too, can you give us Pix and info on that?
Nicetiki too, he looks just as good without the natural stump.

Very clear/smooth/deep/bold cuts Ben; this wee fella is looking good!



Back with some new pix but at first:

Tikigap - Thanks for the kind words. Indeed the carvin'Jack is a great tool and it's quite dangerous when you close a blade with your finger inside :(

Buzzy master - Thank you.

Ben - Thanks for the tiki and for the tool: take a look to the pix :wink:

Tama - Thank you. T3 means Terminator 3 ?

and the pix:

This is a micro-motor with a reloadable battery inside, thus, no fall due to cables !
This works from 0 to 20 000 rpm. It was a very useful tool for sanding the parts inside the mouth.
I 've got another super machine that helps me a lot for sanding but i can't take any picture of it yet. But i'll do, i swear.

Sometimes, Santa Claus come a bit later. Very good surprise (and book too).

My current project: a lono !

Picture of the progressing stuff with a small woodworking vice the sister of my wife bought me for Christmas (i've heard Santa Claus don't really exist :()

Have a nice day :)



hey, battery power micro motor? can you give us the brand name? sorry if you did, i didn't catch it. i'm shopping right now. i'm kind of leaning toward air powered as i already own a large compressor.



Hello Pdrake,

The brand is coblentz and the model is "portable I". Initially, it is a tool for dentist :)


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