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Votes were pretty overwhelming for "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific", a nice wide open theme which should allow for lots of interpretation. Swap drawing will be January 31, 2013 (if the world does not end December 21th :lol: )

RULES - mostly a re-hash of previously posted Swap rules but here they go:

  • Participants must make a original piece of art inspired by the theme specifically for the swap - no prints of previous art, molded objects etc. This does not preclude using a molded object and heavily modifying it.
  • Each participant is only allowed to swap once. If you want to make more than one piece of art and allow your partner to choose, that is perfectly fine.
  • The art can be anything you like, so it could be a painting, charcoal sketch, pastel art, a carving, a one-off hand carved mug, mosaic, diorama, fabric art, lamp, etc.
  • Post progress pics on this thread of the art you are making - to motivate everyone else to get involved!
  • Post pics of your completed piece by the due date!!! Only participants who have posted a picture of the completed project will be included in the drawing
  • Method of swap has been changed for this time to a surprise method. Names will be drawn in "circular" fashion - person A sends to B, B sends to C, ... Z send to A but I only tell you who to send to. You notify me when you have mailed your package and I notify the recipient that it is coming. You don't know what you are getting until it shows up on your door.
  • Note - there is a reasonable chance that your creation will be sent overseas! You are responsible for postal costs of the item you create, so don't enter a 6 foot carving unless you're prepared to cover postage! If you have a big or heavy item or are shipping overseas, shop prices with different shippers (USPS/FedEx/UPS).

We had talked about a new Art Swap beginning in November and ending the end of January ~ is there any interest or is this just a bad time of year?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, you make an original art piece (not a mold or a print) inspired by the theme in any media ~ could be a painting, digital, carving, ceramic mug, beaded, knit, sewn, mixed, diorama, whatever. Usually, at the end of the Swap, you are paired at random with another participant and you swap art ~ you get theirs and they get yours. But there was talk of trying something new where you don't know who is sending to you until you get it in the mail.
Most recent Swap themes have been;
Ladies of Tiki
Papua New Guinea
Polynesian Menu
Shrunken Heads/Headhunters

Suggested themes have been;
Mixed Media
Ship Wreck
Music - Exotica/Hapa Haole/etc
Martin Denny
Hawaii Calls
Cargo Cult
Sea Creatures of the South Pacific
Or some other theme

I organized the last Swap, it was easy and rewarding (besides, I got to choose the topic :D ) I could do it again or I could get someone else pointed in the right direction

If you are interested in this Swap and you were NOT on my mass-mailing e-mail list last time, drop me a PM with your e-mail address

When you come across a big kettle of crazy, sometimes it's best not to stir it
Pirate Ship Tree House

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MadDogMike please do the swap. You ran it really well. I'm for any topic they all sound fun. Wendy

I changed my mind I vote for animal-ocean sea.

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I'm in. Could be fine. And a good excuse to make art.

EDIT: FUN, could be FUN. Not fine.

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On 2012-11-06 21:14, danlovestikis wrote:
MadDogMike please do the swap. You ran it really well.


Animal - Ocean/Sea

cy posted on Wed, Nov 7, 2012 8:08 AM

I'm in Mike and hope you will be the Gatekeeper again.


On 2012-11-07 08:08, cy wrote:
I'm in Mike and hope you will be the Gatekeeper again.

I am Vinz, Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer. Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Mike, are you the Gatekeeper?

Getting some responses showing good interest, GOOD. I'll hit everyone's email tonight too just to be sure everyone knows about it and can give their input.
Tom - I like your suggestion, it could echo one of the past Swaps that turned out really well - "Birds of the Pacific", we could call it "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific" Nice, wide open topic. I added it to the suggestion list in the first post.

Hale, I'm your huckleberry! :lol:

KAHAKA posted on Wed, Nov 7, 2012 7:32 PM

My proposition:



Sounds like a another incredible time waiting to happen!
Mr. Maddog sir!

E-Mails went out. If you didn't get one and want to be on the list let me know


I'll be in...

oOoO I like the lamps idea!

Hey, count me in.

I have no desire to run it... I'm not that ambitious!

Any of the topics are great, and I could post my preference on here, but where would the challenge be if I didn't try something new? Keep it fresh and pick something that hasn't been done before.


Looking forward to a new creation.


Can we focus the subject? I'd like to start this weekend.

My pick is Animal or Ocean/Sea or both.

I'm in

Ship Wreck
Martin Denny

My top 4


I love the swaps, an mister mad dog is an awesome swapmaster, but I work retail and will probably have to step out of this one. Xmas is a real killer!


I'm in. I like "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific" but several of the others would be good also.


I'm in for round number 3.

Don't really have a preference as to theme. But sea creatures could be fun.



I'm in... my new studio is finished and I'm all moved in so no excuses this time!

I like the "sea creatures of the South Pacific" theme personally, but I am up for whatever you decide, my friend.



Would love to join in, vote for Animal, Nautical/Pirate, Water/Sea. Or anything else. :) Holidayiki?

Would love as much lead time as possible to clay something up!

I'm leaning towards "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific", looks like a favorite. If you have a preference, now is the time to voice it. I will make a decision by tomorrow night. Is Thursday, January 31st a good day to end? I don't want to try to end in December, that is a busy time for most people.

Mmmmmm... I'm probably in... one wet toe in... Sea Creatures? That would include fish?


In theory i'd love to take part in this (time permitting)! So far i do agree with everyone else that 'sea creatures' sounds the most interesting. But one of the most original and exciting art events I remember reading about on Tiki Central was the Tiki Tarot art show. I'm not suggesting 'Tiki Tarot' again, but i thought the idea to switch things up a bit by mixing Tiki with another theme made for some really inspiring artwork. Would be lovely to see something along those lines!


MDM, I've already started sketching out a design for a Marquesan Narwhal mug. This can be adjusted, of course... :)

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Jan 31st sounds pretty good.

We have two big holiday/vacations coming up and a busy season. Plus I have xmas gifts to make too :)
The Studios kiln is going to be BUSY!


DEFINITELY in...like Flint!


Sea Creatures...I assume imagined would be okay.

This could be fun.

Let's Make it official - "Sea Creature of the South Pacific" ~ real, imaginary, prehistoric, present day, fish, mammal, open to your interpretation. To end january 31, 2013 (assuming we make it past December 21! :lol: )
I'm busy tonight, but late tomorrow I'll edit the first post to repost the rules, etc.

I am all over this. So stoked this is going to be fun!!

Looking forward to all the awesomeness to come.

here is a few painting i just finished not for the swap but!?

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Sea Creatures? Bah! :roll:

I was looking forward to a lot of first-timer lamps. :lol:

Anthony, way to start us out!

Boris, what are you doing way over here? I would have liked to go with the lamp theme but Kinny often participates in the Swaps and he's not allowed to play with electricity or fire :lol:

We have one more issue to resolve. Traditionally Swaps are done by pairing the participants and then swapping with your partner (hence the name "Swap" :D ) There was talk of doing a more random style of swap where you know who you send to but you don't know what you are getting until it comes in the mail. Sounds like fun, any opinions?

Well, I'm a fan of the swaps where you don't know who has your name until the box arrives. This is the way the tiki mug swaps have been done for years. It adds an element of surprise.


Random swap seems cool to me.

This would be my third, and of the two I did participate in and the one I didn't it seemed like everyone got their pieces. So I don't see why random would be any different.

If someone wasn't going to send the piece would it really matter if it was random or not? They just wouldn't send it.

This is a great crowd, I don't think that's really a concern.

Well always up for a challenge i started a few ideas and was sos so and ran it by my beautiful
wife Kait and she gave me a idea i had to run with so a tiki bar in a angler fish's mouth...
I had to try it for some reason i think its been done i looked i cant say very well but i did look
and then i drew up the sketch and started to paint. hope you like it so far im stoked to finish it now.
Hope you Enjoi!

Anthony, lookin' good.

Well, random swap it is then, sounds like a fun twist. Liz ran the Mug Swap for years, I will get detains from her. As I understand, I will draw the names in a "circular" fashion - A sends to B, B sends to C, ... Z send to A but I only tell you who to send to. You notify me when you have mailed your package and I notify the recipient that it is coming.

I haven't started working on anything yet but I did eat some fish tacos the other day for "inspiration" :lol:


Mike, thanks for organizing all of this. I'm looking forward to participating in my first swap. Drawing up some ideas now, will post pics when I begin the mug build.

Hey, I think it's time I got in on one of these. Is it too late?

Sounds fun

Nope, not too late SF. You just have to have your piece finished by the Jan 31st deadline


Mike, so where's Kinny?

Tabu posted on Fri, Nov 16, 2012 4:35 PM

This is looking good. I have something in the works. It will be a scramble to get it done on time. Will post pics soon.

Jason! Kinny is tied up working on a big upcoming show. He hopes to be able to make something at the end but no promises
Tabu, can't wait to see what you're coming up with.

I just saw this thread today for the first time.

I'm so excited & happy that another Art Swap is happening. And I'm DEFINITELY in!

Hey mike!

I'm in!!! My first swap was so much fun I just have to jump in again. The subject has me a bit stumped but I'll think on it. This is just what I need to get my creative @$$ in gear.

Thanks for organizing it again.

What if they're molded pieces that we create specifically for this? That are from an original mold (created by the participant).

Tiles, resin lamp, mug, et cetera.

Hale, that's fine. The intent is that these are individual works of art created for the Swap, not a mug that is the same as 50 others that were all made from the same mold.


I do believe I'd like to get in on this! I dig the subject, and I am sad to have missed the last one! A big Mahalo to Mad Dog for organizing.

Henrik "VanTiki"


On 2012-11-20 14:35, MadDogMike wrote:
Hale, that's fine. The intent is that these are individual works of art created for the Swap, not a mug that is the same as 50 others that were all made from the same mold.

Excellent. I just have a bunch of ideas and didn't want to count any of them out!

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