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Sacramento Capital Tiki Bar/Living Space Tour October 7th, 8th & 9th, 2011-Registration Full

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We are pleased to announce we have filled all of our open registration spaces for this year's crawl. In the event we have people cancel before the crawl dates, we may open this up for a few more slots before the crawl. Mahalo to everyone who has signed up!

If for some reason you think you registered and your name does not appear on the registration list below, please contact me and I will check with our URL manager for verification.

If for any reason you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.

We have a total of 68 registered guests, which include the hosts and planners.

They are as follows:

David Bennion 1
Ken Berling 1
Barbara Bowman 2 VIP
Remington Caldwell 1
Angela Caldwell 1
Wendy Cevola 2 VIP
Darilyn Cole 1 VIP
Darilyn Cole 1
John Coyle 1 VIP
Paul Cramer 1
Marlene Cross 1 VIP
Mom Cross 1
William Dunnington 1 VIP
Monty Dunnington 1 VIP
John Ford Jr 2 VIP
Sandy Foregger 1 VIP
David Foster 1
Alan Galbraith 1 VIP
J Hayes 1
Mark Holt 1 VIP
Matthew Hull 1 VIP
Debbie Hurley 1
Brad Juarros 1 VIP
Liz Karza 1 VIP
Melody Kenoyer 2 VIP
Diana Kerr 1
Sean Klein 1
Bruce Leavitt 1
Laura Lee 1 VIP
Melissa Logue 1 VIP
Linda Logue 1 VIP
Debra Morretton 1
Duane Orzol 1 VIP
Rogers Orzol 1 VIP
Gregory Ramirez 2 VIP
Brenda Ray 1 VIP
Brenda Ray 1 VIP
Dave Simon 1
Judith Simon 1
Stephen Soto 1 VIP
Clinton Starr 3 VIP
Duane Starr 1
Bill Straw 1
Karen Stuetz-Garlan 2 VIP
Karen Stuetz-Garland 2 VIP
Ami Tilmann 1 VIP
Jeff Tilton 1
Jeff Tilton 1
Richard Unger 2 VIP
Catherine Wartelle 3 VIP
David Zook 4 VIP
David Zook 1 VIP
Lynne 1
Total registered 67 Total VIP 47

Look forward to seeing everyone in October!

Crawl info:

We are exicted to announce we have finalized the schedule for our local Sacramento Capital Tiki Bar/Living Space Tour slated for October 7th, 8th and 9th, 2011. This is just slightly over two short months away!

We are looking foward to yet another successful event of sharing our local Ohana Tiki spaces with you again!

We will have the Annual Tiki Garage Sale-this year it will be held at RugbyMatt's stop on the crawl, so feel free to bring out any extra tiki, modern or hawaiiana items you have and make some money selling or perhaps trading for other items!

We will also have the Tiki White Elephant Exchange again this year. Last year's was a hoot! This will be held at the Keno Kai Lounge, so bring out one of the crappiest tiki items you own and pawn it off on someone else!

We have a total of eight stops combined over Saturday and Sunday! I would like to say "Mucho Mahalos" to our wonderful hosts who stepped up to volunteer and open their bahookas up to the Tiki Ohana. I love you guys!

Here is the crawl schedule for this year:

Friday October 7, 2011-6:30 p.m.

An optional no-host kick-off dinner at The Mandarin for hosts and local planning Ohana or anyone that wish to participate.

Saturday October 8, 2011-

10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.-Swanbergs on J Street-Lauren Lundsten hosting.

11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.-The Lava Lounge-TackyTiki/Barbara and Audrey Bowman hosting.

2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.-Rugger’s Reef-RugbyMatt/Matt Hull/Alan Galbraith hosting.

The Tiki Garage Sale will be held at Matt Hull’s during this stop on the crawl.

5:30 p.m. to 10: p.m. or beyond-The Keno Kai Lounge-TikiMookie and Matt the Cat/Matt and Melody Kenoyer hosting.

The Tiki White Elephant Exchange will be held at the Keno Kai Lounge during this stop on the crawl.

Sunday October 9, 2011:

10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.-The Jungle Room- Wendy and Dan Cevola hosting.

12:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.-The Kohana Wahine Lounge and Swim-in Theater- LiddleLola/Darilyn Ruth hosting.

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.-The Alohacurrents-Brad and Melanie Juarros hosting.

5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or beyond-Brenda’s Tiki Hut- Brenda Ray hosting.

Last, but in no way least, we are very fortunate to again have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind decanter from yet another of Sacramento's Tiki past and as she and Dan did in last years's event, has outdone themselves for this one:

This is a photo of the napkin that inspired the ceramic.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these beauties, contact Wendy through her PM or ask to be added to the list on this thread!

Plesase contact me if you have any questions.


Pyscho Tiki D (I know I am and this is my last year as the event planner)!

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hell I have to drag my ass down for this tour since I have been saying I would for..umm..how many years????

Looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Really--its fantastic!

On 2010-05-14 07:23, leleliz wrote:

hell I have to drag my ass down for this tour since I have been saying I would for..umm..how many years????

Looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Really--its fantastic!

Yeah, it's about time you did! Sheesh, does it take an event mug to get you here? LOL!


I'm in for hosting. Thanks for organizing again, Duane. Wendy, amazing artwork as always. Liz, get your booty up here! You don't have to wait until October either! My guest room awaits you.


On 2010-05-14 08:04, Psycho Tiki D wrote:

Yeah, it's about time you did! Sheesh, does it take an event mug to get you here? LOL!


well that DOES help..but so does having a job now so I have some moola to buy your castoffs :)

And Brenda I will gladly take you up on your offer in the not so distant future I am sure!

Yeah Brenda, we always enjoy a visit to the "Hut". Can I hear a "Hell Ya"!


Great design on that mug Wendy. Sounds like a lot of fun too.



What a beautiful mug! Tonja and I met you at Swanbergs last year and we said hello to you at Tiki Oasis 9. Count us in for the Sacramento Crawl! Tonja remembers going to the Coral Reef many years ago. Please keep posting and we saved the date.

Bill and Tonja


Count me in for crawlin. My "Bali Hai" room is not ready for guests as I have only had 6 months since the move. Maybe next year! Look forward to seeing all your lovely homes and the mug!



I'm in ....looks like a fun event with some of my Nor Cal Ohana .

Looking forward to another one.......

Count me in for hosting...would love to have the Saturday night spot again if possible. Looking forward to the crawl this year. Hmmmm...better start working on my menu now.

Duane...you rock...thanks so much for posting this early and getting us organized.

Wendy...needless to say...the mug is AWESOME!!!!

Love the mug Wendy, love the crawl. So much fun last year sure to be fantastic this year. Will be there for sure. Marlene the Bond Hut is mine that weekend.

For us uninitiated home tiki bar crawlers, what is the protocol? What should we bring to each so as not to offend the host and look cheap. I want to do my part but my tiki bar is still in the planning stage and Napa is prety far from Sac town.

Hi Eric, good to hear from you. I had not known the answer to this question myself so last year was a learning experience for us. All the gas it takes to get here from Napa is a gift in itself. We hope to host again this year so if you come to our home just bring us a big hug and a great smile. Wendy

PS taking and posting photos of the crawl is always appreciated


Hey Eric-

Even though I have not been to the Sac crawl generally at each stop the host prepares drinks/snacks, gives tours of their tiki stuff and in some cases also have garage sales to sell off some of their extra tiki stuff.

I dont think you are required to bring anything except yourself :)

Thank you;
Jungle Trader - we love your Minnies Mug, thank you for liking this one
thequin - when I read a comment like that it give me energy to keep going
VampiressRN, Corona Contessa, Brenda's Tiki Hut, and WSWahine, it's great to have the support of my girlfriends, thank you ladies

I know a fellow named Tom Tolley who runs the Sacramento Room of the Sacramento City Libary on I Street. He was a bartender at the Zombie Hut for years and he was able to confirm that they never had a mug or any other tiki items. Dan's and my family went there often. At age 10 my grandpa took the family there for Thanksgiving. Dan and I went on dates where we danced with friends after the hula show. All of this before we discovered tikis. We have wonderful memories of being there together.

When Duane approached me to do a mug with these two Sacramento landmarks on it I was immediately ready to do my best to get it done. He sent the two pictures that were perfect for the mug.

Yesterday I baked it and now I'm fixing the cracks that always show up when you use Super Sculpey.It seems to me that "Tiki People" are artists and almost everyone has an idea for a mug they would like to see made. So I am going to use this thread to show you the steps I use to get this done. I hope this will inspire more of you to pick up some clay and to get started.

Sculpey is a low temperature clay, 278 degrees. I use a convection oven out in the garage because the fumes are toxic.I do this upside down so the thinnest part is far from the elements. Aluminum foil can protect it also.

Cracks are easy to repair.

Use a knife to enlarge the crack.

Add into the cracks Elmer's Wood Filler. Let it dry for a day. It may shrink and need more applications. Once over filled and dry it's easy to carve and sand.

After each application of the filler spritz with water and swipe with a finger so smooth it out some. It make is easier to see if you are getting it filled up enough.

This is as far as I am going to go today. It needs to dry overnight.
Cheers, Wendy


Amazing mug - I wish I lived out west to catch this one!


Hmmm... I'll be passing through Sacramento on my way from Portland to Vegas for another event. I may have to extend my gas stop a bit and join the fun.

Wow that mug looks awesome and the crawl sounds like a blast, I can't wait to get out there and join the fun (my flight gets in at 1:00pm a week from today). Let me know if you need hosts, if all goes well I should at least have a new home bar up and running by then. If not I am definetly crawling!

p.s. Anybody heading south for Mariepolooza over Memorial Day weekend?

[ Edited by: rugbymatt 2010-05-17 14:15 ]

That mug is off the hook......Great Job Wendy...I am going to need one of those!!!!
Way to go Duane putting this together. You have been busy!

Wow Wendy, that is the coolest mug ever, even for those who aren't from Sacramento!

Hey count me in as a host. I WILL have my tiki room done by October. (Carpet getting installed on Wednesday, woohoo!)

This will be a total blast.

Thanks Duane. You rock!


A new Hawaiian shop just opened in old town Elk Grove. It's called Mango Fix. Should they be given information about the crawl to see if they want to be open for our group?

The mug has had the cracked repaired and sanded. Areas that were too deep have also been filled. Next step is to see if it can be molded. I'll know in a couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm over the mug of Duane's dreams. I'm so happy to have been asked to make it. Wendy

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2010-05-28 06:23 ]

Wendy...you are such a fabulous artisan...I LUV IT GIRLFRIEND!!!

If I have the mula...I may try to get some of my TC artwork framed to start filling in my empty walls. I only know of Aaron Brother's Art to get this done in Roseville. I have had very good luck at Aaron, so am happy to work with them. I thought I would only want bamboo frames, but I am going to think outside of the box and mix it up. Suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. :)


Awesome. So there.


WoooHooo! SoccerTiki and I are way overdo for a trip to Sacramento :) Sounds like a fun weekend

Hi, I just corrected an error. The name of the new Hawaiian shop in Elk Grove is Mango Fix. Sorry. The mold maker is still on his honeymoon but I should know soon if the mug is going to work. Wendy

Just so hard to fathom that a honeymoon would trump a Tiki mug...what is this world coming to!!!!

The next step ... buy a 100 pound sack of casting plaster in West Sacramento. I printed a map from Google and we got into the car. I looked though my stack of papers and discovered I had left the map behind. I thought I could remember how to get there but after one wrong turn and a nice side trip we called for directions. The place is well organized and efficient and casting plaster is only eighteen cents a pound!

The gentleman in the photo is going to look on-line tonight to see his picture. Let's get him addicted to tikis like the rest of us! Wendy


I just want to thank you for this on-line how-to for creating your own mug. I'm very glad that you're giving this work shop for us DIYers out here in TC cyber-space.

I've got a friend that makes shrunken heads from the gray oven bake clay. He started with the pink and now uses the gray.

It takes a lot of talent to do what you do and at .18 per pound I think that even I can afford to give it a try. I realize that's only one of the many processes in mug creation but I thought that it sounded good.

Thanks again and keep up with this very informative work shop.


[ Edited by: Savage Tiki 2010-06-04 19:49 ]

Great mug Wendy!!!
would be a first for the crawl but it sounds like a blast. Already asked the wife and she's on board. count us in to come down from redding for a little sac-tiki fun!

Hi Eric, I've always had my sculptures turned into ceramics by Gecko. This will be the first time I try to do it myself. I'm not making the mold, that's really the hardest part. I hope I can get some photos of that process but it's up to the mold maker, he lives a long way off from my home. I'll be learning how to pour and clean and glaze, I'll share what I learn and destroy along the way. I'm lucky that a new art gallery opened near my home and they hire out their kiln.

Hi Ka'lenatiki, my sister lives in Oregon. Every trip up there we would stop at the Redding antique stores and find tikis. Our first tiki mug from the Islander Stockton was picked up in one of the antique stores on the frontage road by the freeway. We would all love to have you come down. It's a blast and Duane makes it extra fun with his garage sale...and home tour.

October, closer every day. Wendy


I am absolutely stoked with the progress you have made. Simply put, you are making a dream come true becoming closer to reality with your efforts. I have often wondered why none of the Sacramento tiki establishments (not counting Tiki Bob's) did not have their own mugs especially since both the Zombie Hut and the Coral Reef had pretty good runs.

Although still a few months away, we would still like to see a couple of more people host. The garage sale was pretty good last year and I would encourage those of you who have a few items they would like to trade or sell to participate in this year's event. At some point in time, Wendy will have to figure out how much the mugs will be so she can make her money back too!

Looking forward to the event; will probably look to discussing this further at one of the parties Vamp is having in July!



Stay tuned for some exciting news from one of our hosts for the Saturday night slot!


I'm contemplating a short stop at my place. There's no Tiki bar, but I do have some nice Heather Watts stuff to look at, a small collection of mugs, and some vintage barware.

And booze. I got booze.

I am soooooo thrilled I am just about to explode [that's a vision] because

THE MARTINI KINGS will be playing at my pad Saturday night!!!!

Wow...great homes and hosts, an awesome Tiki garage sale, a knock-out mug, and the MARTINI KINGS!!!! You don't want to miss this crawl.

Wow! That's some awesome news, Vamp. Can't wait!!!!

Thats great Vamp, way to go!!!

very cool vamp!! sounds like this is shaping up to be one great weekend :)

Wow Wow Wow, Vamp what a blast that night will be. You always have terrific parties and now live music too. Can't wait. Brenda, your parties are wonderful, who needs a bar when we have you! Duane this is turning into something big! Wendy

Wow is right Wendy...bigger and better every year!

I am also contemplating or suggesting we perhaps have a tiki version of a white elephant exchange at one of the crawl hosting locations.

I think it would be cool if everyone brought an item to exchange. We can work out the details for anyone who wants to do this!


Duane, We would love to do the white elephant exchange at one of the homes. Would it be one per person or one per family? Wendy and Dan


Either one will work, you can decide if you want to do more than one if you choose.


Mahalo to our good friend Vamp! Yup,the Martini Kings are takin a road trip.
We'll be performing at Vamps swingin'pad!


That promo poster is very cool.

My guess is that Vamp is going to have one signed, framed and on permanent display.

Last October the crawl stopped at our home. We whipped out our back issues of Tiki Magazine and posed for this photo. Even though we didn't make it into any issue we had fun hoping that we would. We can try again this October. Wendy

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